Overview of the new museum in October

In October, opened 18 new museums.

1. 01.10 On the basis of AGAO opened a museum of technology.

Indoors, Faculty of Technology of the Altai State Academy of Education named after M. Shukshina Street. Soviet on October 1, the presentation of the opening of the museum of technology. The museum was created with a grant of administration Byisk in the field of youth policy.

Vela presentation assistant professor of technology Tatiana Panciuc. It is no accident early dating participants heard presentations Kumandin folk song performed by Galina Kuzmenko. According to Tatyana Panciuc museum, which presents the culture of different nationalities living and living in the Altai, — Scythian, Kazakh, Kumandin, Russian culture, was created with the active participation of regional

2. 01.10 Museum of Tomsk University of Control Systems and radiolektroniki.

The updated history museum equipped with the latest technology: information stands — for each individual faculty of the university — established tablet computers, flipping through the pages where you can learn about the history of the unit, its people, developments and achievements.


Separate interactive panel is devoted to the university, from its inception, dating to veterans who created high school, up to the present time. Here is on a single wireless network set up locally to put the museum receives all information about the components. Therefore, any visitor to the comfort of a chair can make a journey in space and time, for example, view photos and videos, fully reflecting the life of the university.


3.  01.10 Irkutsk.2 new museum.

"Hand-crafted farmstead" and "Window to Asia" — two of the museum complex opened in Irkutsk for the anniversary of the area. The first condition will contribute to the continuity of excellence in traditional folk crafts. In a short time it should create and the "School of the young artisan", industrial workshops, exhibition and sales area. Among the interactive workshops — pottery, bark, embroidery, for the manufacture of traditional rag dolls, folk costumes, weaving and felting.
— A "Window to Asia" includes exposure, showing the contribution of Irkutsk, researchers, Siberia and Far East: scientists, researchers and public organizations, Irkutsk Governor — General in the development of, and adherence to the study of Russia Asian continent, — the press-service of the Government of the Irkutsk region.


Now available in the museum’s exhibition complex "Vector Asia" in it — Irkutsk Province and neighboring countries ages 18-20. The exhibition — documents, photographs from the collections of the Irkutsk Regional Museum.

04. 3.10 Barnaul. Museum of erotic toys.
"The scientific concept of the museum — the nation’s education, the development of generations. There are sexual culture from the earliest times to the present day. Museum is not only enlightening, but also teaches you how to avoid those or other sexually transmitted diseases. All the health of both sexes," — says Valentina.

In an institution are artifacts of different eras: Soup, masturbators for men and women, vibrators and many other things. Also there you can see the painting, which depicts sexual culture, including posture, different times. The cost of exhibits ranges of three thousand. Entrance is 50 rubles. Opening hours: from 10:00 to 19:00 without breaks and days off.

photo report here:


5. 10.10 Chelyabinsk. Museum of money.
The initiators of the project are extraordinary students and teachers of the Faculty of Economics and Business South Ural State University. Just a collection of more than 250 exhibits, the first exhibition is called "Money Russia in the XX century."

In the museum you can see the money from the reign of Nicholas II to the note with the image Mavrodi. The pride of the collection — banknotes civil war of 1918-1922, the early Soviet gold coins and the first Soviet bills. In addition, the exhibition there is also a mini-collection of foreign money, which includes silver coins pre-revolutionary Cuba and Germany during the Third Reich.
As the director of the museum Yevgeny Petrov, in the future we plan to assemble a collection of Russian and foreign coins of the XIX century. The museum is open free of charge and is ready to accept all the curious residents. For high school students will be organized excursions. Among the first visitors to the museum were the Orthodox high school seniors and 84 th school in Chelyabinsk.

6. 10.10 In the Tula region, opened a new station-museum
Event to celebrate the award of the railway station Zhdanok the honorary title of "Enterprise efficient technologies and aesthetics", took place on 10 October 2012 in the area of the Mother of God. It was attended by the Governor of the Tula region, Vladimir Gruzdev.


In the year of the 175th anniversary of the Russian railway workers of the Tula region of the Moscow railway in cooperation with local enforcement authorities, industry partners, has reconstructed station Zhdanok. The appearance of the station complex has changed, and it allows you to put it on a par with such well-known in Tula stations to Yasnaya Polyana, Tarusskaya, Skuratovo, Mobile, Efremov.
Zhdanok became the sixth station in the region to be awarded the title of "Enterprise-efficient technologies and aesthetics."


7. 12.10. Museum of the Cossacks in Serpukhov. 
Today the park "Drakino" opened a museum of the Cossacks. The honor of cutting the red ribbon was awarded the Village of Serpukhov Ataman Cossack society Sergey alone. The premises of the museum was dedicated invited representatives of the clergy.

Chief of Staff of the Village of Serpukhov Cossack society Evgeny Toroptsev gave a tour to visitors. The museum was established at the initiative of the local villagers, put a lot of effort and energy to translate his ideas into practice.
The exhibition introduces the life, crafts and Ratna affairs of local Cossacks. Presented here exhibits: various utensi
ls, weapons, harness — were kindly provided by local residents. Of the items discovered during archaeological excavations.

After the tour were present could see demonstrations of the Cossacks in the arena KSK "Pegasus", in which they demonstrated the possession of fighting knives at full tilt and the elements of trick riding.
The museum will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11.00 to 18.00 only for organized tours. You can book an excursion here in the park Drakino.


8. 17.10 Perm. Museum Mystics.
Perm Theater "At the Bridge" opened a museum that viewers can visit before performances.
Throne of Dracula coffin Gogol Pannochki by candlelight and a skull Berlioz. Margarita Cup, from which she saw blood on the ball 100 kings, and an unfinished game of chess cat Behemoth and Voland — the mystical museum theater "At the Bridge" are exhibits of several special mystical performances — from "Pannochki," "Master and Margarita" "Suicide," "Ghoul", "Dracula."

— Theater "At the Bridge" went 25th year, we are already out of childhood — can afford to let the museum, — says Sergey Fedotov, artistic director of the theater. — Spectators can come to him before the show or after. No one there to frighten will not. All is calm: the silence came, touched the skull … In all of our museum exhibits can be touched by hands — soon a special hang tag!
Mystic Museum infernal theater located behind the scenes in one of the rehearsal rooms. To get into it, the audience will have to go through the scene. Each exhibit in the museum has its own story, and the staff of the theater and the actors are willing to talk to visitors — for example, as written iconostasis "Pannochki" as the theater for performances presented Rynda with this sunken ship or a genuine human skull, which is now "continues life "in the role of Berlioz’s skull.
Details of scenery and costumes for productions inevitably give theatrical fiction documentary. Moreover, all subjects continued to "play" in the repertoire and will be on the performance of the withdrawn and replaced by other museum exhibits.

9.18.10. Krasnoyarsk Territory. Sharypovo village, a school museum.
In high school number 2 in Sharypovo appeared museum. This was reported by City TV "Chance."

The school opened a showroom, which has become a kind of gift to the recent 30th anniversary of the institution. The most expensive exhibit — a bell made of precious metals — presented by representatives of the mining and metallurgical company. They are also allocated funds for the organization of the museum, the purchase displays, stands and furniture.

The museum has held the first excursion. A separate rack not only keeps the history of the school and the city, but an entire country. There has exhibits the era of the Soviet Union — an ancient technique, gramophone, filmoskop, scores, school uniform, price lists, Pioneer tie and other things.

10. 18.10 Kemerovo region. Village Belyanin, a mini-museum in the library.
The exhibition is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Kemerovo region. On display are objects of an ancient Russian life, utensils. The organizers believe that this mini-museum will help convey to younger generations the spirit of a bygone era of peasant Russia, the origins of folk art, will teach to preserve and promote the traditions of their ancestors.

An activist Lyudmila S. Zakharyuta told about the inhabitants of the village — the first collectors of artifacts that determined the direction of the future museum. And members of the vocal group "Sibirochka" under zavklubom Galina Matveeva sang old songs, accompanied by theatrical elements of peasant life and customs of their ancestors.

11. 21.10. Mordovia. The village of Borisov. Culture Museum of Mordovia

October 21 in the village of Borisov Zalesovsky district museum was opened Mordvinian culture. According to the last census, the village population of more than 90 percent of the population of the province of Mordovia, noted on the website of the regional administration.

There are samples, objects of culture and life of the people of Mordovia, some of which is collected as a result of ethnographic expeditions conducted in 2011.

At the opening were organized tasting local food, a display of folk art — knitwear, embroidery, wooden products, etc.


12. 22.10 Moscow. Museum of Anatolia Konenko.

Anatoly Konenko known artist of microminiature Omsk, prepared immediately to the two exhibitions in the Kremlin, the correspondent BK55. The Presidential Library, he will present around 100 miniature books, and in another room the President’s residence — 25 miniatures. 

"Yes, I was out by representatives of the presidential administration and proposed such exposure. I have not been exhibited for the first time in the Kremlin "- confessed BK55 Mr. Konenko.
It is curious that not so long ago, Omsk microminiature got his own museum in the First Throne. In September, at Low Filevskaya, 30 opened its doors to a private museum in the telling name "Siberian lefty." In the room on the area of 90 square meters approximately 150 works exhibited Konenko.

13. 22.10. Chechnya. In the village of Avtury opened a museum of the Sheikh Ali Evliya Mitaev.

Vase, clock, prayer beads, prayer mat — it’s not all the things that will now be stored here. 
Museum of the patriot and peacemaker policy Evliya Sheikh Ali Mitaev opened in his native village of Avtury. Things that belonged to him and which are then used by his descendants, the organizers tried to gather in one room. So far there is only fifty copies, but they hope that their number will increase every day.


After seeing the exhibits, meeting — representatives of local authorities, residents and descendants of Evliya and headed to the auditorium. Here, they were shown the movie, which tells about the life of the famous and influential public figure Chechen-Ingushetia.
Sheikh Ali was born Evliy
a Mitayev in 1881, the son of renowned Bamat Sheikh Haji Giray Mitaev. He graduated from high school in the city of Grozny. He was a master of the Chechen, Russian and Arabic. Well-educated man, he was well versed in politics, history and philosophy.
The participants believe the opening of the museum, especially in the school which bears the name of Sheikh Ali Evliya Mitaev-event whose importance can hardly be overestimated. The younger generation have someone to look up to. And such examples inspire the exploits for the country.

14.10 22.10. Kaliningrad region. Museum of superstition.
On the territory of the visitor center "Museum Complex" National Park "Curonian Spit" museum opened Russian superstition, said Tuesday the "Bill of New Kaliningrada.Ru" the press service of the National Park.
The museum is dedicated to Russian folklore: the spirits of the Slavs, the characters of fairy tales and folk beliefs. "Visitors are looking forward to Baba Yaga, fright, Goblin, forest, home, field, water, road and other spirits of the night, which in the old days and could help and hurt people, — the national park. — All of them are carved from wood, and look like living. "


The author of the wooden sculptures is Kaliningradian Mikhail Semenov. Over the years he has created a collection of characters from more than sixty carved figures — the characters of Slavic mythology.

15. 23.10. Prokopyevsk. Museum of physics.
The museum is a creative laboratory young inventors Prokopievsk school number 14, an initiative physics teacher, a distinguished teacher of the Russian Federation with the support of Tatiana Syrkasheva eleventh, their parents and alumni.

The storage wonders of physics — 30 exhibits. Among them, the seismograph, the Japanese computer 1994 model year, Shaft phone, but the majority of fascinating insights into the hands of students created 11 Class "A" with the physics and mathematics. For example, a chair with nails for dedication to students, unusual mirror and even the famous Maxwell’s pendulum. In the school has a designated museum experiences, where you can clearly understand the most complex of the laws of physics.

16. 25.10. In Nizhny Novgorod region has opened a museum of folk crafts.

In the village of Nizhny Novgorod region Peshelan opened a new showroom in the collections of which are products of 23 enterprises of folk arts and crafts.


"The government of the Nizhny Novgorod region actively support all projects related to improving the tourist attraction of the region and the development of folk arts and crafts. Development of domestic tourism is particularly important in the formation of tourism clusters in the region," — said the Minister of support and development of small business and consumer market and services Nizhny Novgorod Region Denis Labuza, reports nazaccent.ru.
Excursions in the new exhibition hall will be held every day, and the number of visitors can reach up to 200 people.

17. 31.10 In the Kaliningrad region has opened a museum of cats.
In the resort town of Zelenogradsk, located in the Kaliningrad region, opened a new museum — "Murarium", which shows the private art collection of cats.

The museum is located in an old water tower, which is the highest point of the city. From its observation deck offers spectacular views of Zelenogradsk, writes Travel.Ru. Exhibits of the museum was about 3.5 thousand knitted, wooden and glass objects. This Egyptian cats, cats and Japanese mascots, and Polynesian statues, and cats-pad.


18. 30.10 In St. Petersburg, opened the Perfume Museum.
Elina Arsenyev Museum decided to open when a collection is no longer fit at home, and the demand for offsite lecture began to grow rapidly. Order their shopping consultants, image-makers, as well as individuals, "sinking" on certain perfume houses, and those who want to learn about the history of perfume, or pick up a scent with 100% accuracy. In fact, the museum is leased office area of 20 m2 with dim lights and antique furniture. Visitors gather groups of up to five people.


Topic of today’s lecture — the post-war fragrances on the agenda of Germaine Cellier, the first woman to force their way into the closed world of men perfumers. On the table in front of us — the post-war Bandit in a big bottle (for it at auction Elina gave 40 thousand rubles, and then shared in milliliter with fellow collectors). On the question of how much can be stored flavors, she says, that usually indicates the date 3 years, but the evidence on the table, much more — we bottle 1944 release.


19. 31.10. Barnaul. Began the creation of the Museum of Santa Claus.
In Barnaul, the New Year, in connection with the opening of the Altai residence of Father Frost, the museum begins its work this fantastic character. The museum is a collection of Christmas decorations, cards and gifts.

At the opening of the museum, announced action to collect old Christmas and New Year’s cards are also welcome figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, porcelain figurines, unusual Christmas decorations, greeting cards and old photos.
Everyone can take part in the completion of a unique collection of the Museum of Santa Claus. To do this, you need to give a New Year’s toy museum fund of the last century, which can also serve as an entry ticket to a fabulous museum.
Participants will be awarded certificates and letters of appreciation, and the most active — pleasant surprises. All the names of the participants will be entered in the "Book of Donors."


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