Oxford and TPU jointly released a book about the Tomsk Scientific

The publisher of Imperial College Press published a book on the life and work Professor of Tomsk Polytechnic University Armin Stromberg. Presentation of its place on 7 December in London, at the Pushkin House.

Photo source:ac.uk

The book was written as part of the college St. Johns College, Oxford. Author team consists of employees Oxford University — Richard Compton, Michael Stopert, Gregory Vayldgus — and Tomsk Polytechnic — Elsa and Alexander Zakharov Kabakaev.

Book «AG Stromberg — First Class Scientist, Second Class Citizen» — A scientific and biographical work. It talks about the achievements of the Tomsk electrochemical science, research and life principles professor, set out the details of his biography. First foreign readers became available information about the history of electroanalytical chemistry in our country.

Imperial College Press Publishing is a joint publishing project of the famous London Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine) publisher and World Scientific Publishing.

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AG Stromberg (1910-2004) — Professor, Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry, Emeritus Professor of TPU. Professor Stromberg, head of the Department of Physical Chemistry, Tomsk Polytechnic University from 1955 to 1985, was the leader of a unique research laboratory trace, established by Tomsk school electroanalysis, the press service of the TPU

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