Ozyorskoye Mayak begins experiments on the processing of rare earth metals

CHELYABINSK, An "Access". On the Production Association "Mayak" (part of Rosatom, BUT Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region) started experimental work on processing of monazite concentrate that is stored in the Sverdlovsk region, told news agency "Access" in the information service of the company.

The work will be carried out in the framework of the partnership "Mayak" and of "Leading Research Institute of Chemical Technology." The Institute offered basic flow diagram of processing monazite concentrate, and experts ‘Lighthouse’, with extensive experience in creating reprocessing technologies together a program of experimental work.

Production Association delivered a pilot batch monazite concentrate, and the course of the experimental work is expected to coordinate closely with specialists VNIIKhT. "PO" Mayak "is ready to make a full-fledged partner of the Institute of Chemical Technology in the establishment of a pilot plant for processing of monazite concentrate," — said in a statement.

According to the general director of "Mayak" Sergey Baranov, Russia, with its rich deposits and man-made reserves of minerals containing rare earth metals, as well as a strong industrial base, could be the biggest supplier of rare earth products to the world market.

Recall the importance of rebuilding the rare earth industry in Russia it came when China actually monopolized the supply of such metals, in 2010, announced the introduction of quotas until the complete cessation of exports.

In this regard, it was suggested the participation of "Mayak" in the creation of high-tech cluster in the Urals production of rare earth compounds with investments of state corporation "Rosatom". We add one of the initiatives of Rosatom — the development project of the Federal Target Program "Development of the production of rare-earth metals for 2011-2015 and until 2020" — was approved at the highest level.

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