Pacific Fleet added a new ship

The Russian Navy added a new research vessel. Hydrographic vessel "Victor Faleev" launched in Vladivostok. "Victor Faleev" length of 56 meters and a displacement of 1000 tons and a speed of 13 knots while the biggest in the history of the plant "East Wharf", In addition, this is the first electric ship.


The ship is named after the famous naval hydrographer and scientist. Participation in a festive ceremony shipbuilders, sailors, commanders and veterans of the fleet.


The vessel is intended for the production of navigation buoys, coastal navigation service stations and remote lighthouses. And also must ensure the smooth operation of navigation equipment.

"The ship is equipped with a new beam echo sounder, this is the first multi-beam echo sounder Pacific fleet in service, which allows you to process the results of research actually in online mode in 3D-format" — The chief of the Hydrographic Service of the Pacific Fleet Andrew Gavriushin.

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