Pacific Fleet ships put to sea for delivery of coursework


In the compounds of the Pacific Fleet (PF) based in Southern Primorye, start putting course tasks. The first went to sea small antisubmarine ships.

By working out the planned military exercises held three compounds under the guidance of the Commander of Maritime Forces diverse fleet of Rear AdmiralVadim Kulit.

Total in March 2013, dozens of sailors perform course tasks, missile, artillery firing and torpedo exercises. During this period, the sea will leave more than 40 warships and support vessels. Will be used intensively sea anti-submarine aircraft.

The intense combat training in the sea is gaining momentum and the first week of spring Pacific Fleet will test himself in numerous trainings, whose main goal — to check the coherence of tactical naval groups.

As explained in the management of combat training of the Pacific Fleet, the results of the exercise will be evaluated by the actions of commanders at all levels and the coherence of staffs connections.

At the end of March — beginning of April, the Pacific Fleet Combat training will become more intense, the sea will come grouping rocket ships to carry out practical military exercises.

Telegrafistreports that the increased activity of the Russian Armed Forces in the Far East demonstrates that Russia attaches special importance to a gradual shift of geopolitical center in Asia, after which will move to the U.S. military bases, and therefore its presence in the Far East region of Russia to build up.

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