Pack-horse vehicle platoon translate the winter horseshoes with spikes

The only one in the army pack-transport platoon preparing for winter.      

Pack-transport platoon mountain brigade of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), with more than 80 horses and Karachai Mongolian breed, in 2012, delivered to the destination about 500 tons of cargo a distance of more than 5 thousand kilometers. Pack caravans used when performing service and combat missions in the mountainous areas of the countryside, where the limited use of other modes of transport.

This year, the only one in the army pack-transport platoon, stationed in Karachay-Cherkessia, spent more than 200 sessions on the tactical and special training. Now division is preparing for winter. In particular, the military carried out reforging horses for the winter horseshoes with spikes, and service logistics scheduled delivery of about 60 tons of hay and 30 tons of oats. 

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