Packed Lunches IRP-B-1

So, consider the IRP-B-1 produced by "Gryazinsky Food Factory" TU 9194-461-04605473-03 (subject to change number 2). Net weight — 1.3kg, gross weight — 1.6kg. Nutritional value: Protein — 115g, fat — 147g, carbohydrates — 383g. Energy — 3595kkal.Vid packaging


A general view

The proposed distribution of products:
Canned meat (250g)

Drink milk dry (30g)

Coffee (2d)

Sugar (2 packs of 15g)

Bread, Army (50g)


Canned meat mince (100g)

Canned cereal (aka rice porridge, 250g)

Concentrate drink (25g)

Tomato Sauce (60g)

Bread, Army (2 packages)
Sugar (3 bags)
Liver pate (75g)

Boiled peas (60g)

Chocolate-hazelnut paste (50g)

Instant tea with sugar (16g)

Bread, Army (1 pack)
In a separate bag stacked necessary hygiene heating and eating items

Inside are three bags with sanitary napkins, matches vodovetroustoychivye, spoon, opener canned food, dry alcohol included, the agent for water disinfection Akvatabs (3 pcs.), Paper napkins (3 pcs.)

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