Paganism — is the oldest religion in the world. It has absorbed many thousands of wisdom, knowledge, history, and culture. In our time, the pagans call those who practice the old faith to the rise of Christianity.

And, for example, the ancient Jews were considered pagan religions all beliefs, not recognizing Yahweh, or refused to follow his law. Ancient Roman legions conquered the peoples of the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. At the same time, and it was the victory over local beliefs. These religions of other peoples ‘languages’ were called pagan. They were given the right to exist in accordance with the interests of the Roman state.

But with the rise of Christianity and religion itself is ancient Rome with the cult of Jupiter was considered pagan. As for the ancient polytheism, the attitude to it after the adoption of Christianity was a militant. The new religion was opposed to the former as true — untrue as useful — harmful. This setup excluded tolerance and assumed the eradication of pre-Christian traditions, customs and ceremonies. Christians do not like to see their descendants were signs of delusion, which they hitherto indulged. Subject to persecution everything that somehow was connected with the Russian beliefs, "demonic revels", "evil forces" of divination. There was even an image-seeker "besobortsa" who dedicated his life is not a feat of arms on the battlefield, and the persecution and annihilation of "dark forces". Such zeal differed new Christians in all countries. But if Greece or Italy have saved time even a small amount of ancient marble statues, the Ancient Russia was among the forests. And the king-fire raged, spared nothing: no human dwellings, no temples, no wooden images of the gods, no information about them, hand-written Slavic cuts on wooden boards.

And only hushed echoes were heard up to now from the depths of the pagan world. And it is beautiful, this world! Among the wonderful deities of which glorify our ancestors, not repulsive, ugly, disgusting. There yarostnae, scary, strange, but much more beautiful, mysterious, kind. Slavic gods were formidable but fair, kind. Thunderbolt struck by lightning villains. Lada patron of lovers. Chur guarded property boundaries. Velez was the personification of the master of wisdom, and was the patron saint of hunting prey.

Religion of the ancient Slavs was the deification of the forces of nature. Pantheon of gods was associated with the performance of native economic functions: agriculture, cattle breeding, a board-operation, craft, trade, hunting, etc.

And we should not assume that paganism — it’s just the worship of idols. After all, even the Muslims continue to bow to the black stone of the Kaaba — the shrine of Islam. The Christians as such are the countless crosses, icons and relics. And who thought so much blood has been shed and lives were lost fighting for the liberation of the Holy Sepulchre in the Crusades? This is the true Christian idol, at the same time with bloody victims. And burn incense, light a candle — it is the same sacrifice, but has taken a handsome look.

The conventional view of the extremely low level of cultural development of the "barbarians" is not supported by historical facts. Products of ancient stone carvers and wood, tools, jewelry, folk tales and songs could appear only on the basis of a highly developed cultural tradition. The beliefs of the ancient Slavs were not "blunder" of our ancestors, reflecting the "primitivism" of their thinking. Polytheism — the religious views of not only the Slavs, but the majority of the people. It was typical of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and culture which can not be called barbaric. The beliefs of the ancient Slavs were not much different from the beliefs of other nations, and these differences are determined by the specific way of life and economic activity.

In the late 80-ies of the last century’s dying Soviet government has decided to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia. How much was heard cheers: "1000 years of Russian literature", "1000 years of Russian culture", "1000 years of Russian statehood!" But the Russian state existed before the adoption of Christianity! Not for nothing did the Scandinavian name sounds like Gardarica Russia — the country towns. The same write and Arab historians, number of Russian hundreds. In this case, arguing that in Byzantium itself is only five cities, the rest — "fortresses". And the Russian princes of the Arab chronicles referred to Haqqani, "Haq-Rus’. Hakan — this is the title of emperor! "Ar-Rus — the name of the state, not the people, and not the city" — the author writes Arabic. The Western chroniclers called Russian princes "kings of the people of Russia." Not recognized for the rulers of Russia kingship only arrogant Byzantium, but she did not recognize him, and for the kings of the Bulgarian Orthodox, and for the Christian emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Otto, and for the Muslim emir of Egypt. Residents of East Rome knew of only one king — the emperor. But even at the gates of Constantinople, nailed shield Russian squad. And, by the way, Persian and Arab chronicles show that Russ make "great swords" and import them into the land of the caliphs. That is Russ sold not only furs, honey, wax, but the product of his craft. And those are in demand even in the edge of the damask blades.

Another item of export was chain mail. They were called "beautiful" and "excellent." Technology, so in pagan Russia were not below the world level. Some blades that era have survived to the present day. The names of the blacksmiths Russes — "Lyudota" and "Slavimir." And you should pay attention. So the heathen blacksmiths were literate! That is the level of culture.

The next moment. The calculation formula of the world gyre (Colo) allowed the nations to build a ring-shaped metal sanctuary, where they created the most ancient astronomical calendars. In comments to the Vedas mention the constellations, attributable modern astronomy for 10,000 years before Christ. According to biblical chronology at this time was not even created Adam. Space knowledge Gentile stepped far enough. One example of this — the myth of the cosmic vortex Stribog. And this is consistent with the theory of the origin of life on Earth — the panspermia hypothesis. Its essence is to ensure that life originated on the Earth itself, and has been brought to a targeted stream of disputes, which later evolved diversity of the living world.

These facts and figures are at which to judge the level of culture and education of the pagan Slavs. And despite what the adherents of Orthodox Christianity, but Christianity — it had to, foreign religion, which paved her way to Russia by fire and sword. About the violent nature of the baptism of Rus Much has been written, not by militant atheists and church historians. And do not assume that the population is Russian land meekly accepted the command of Vladimir apostate. People refused to come to the bank of the river, went out of the cities rose in rebellion. And the Gentiles was not lurking in the remote forests — a century after the baptism of the wise men showed up in large cities. And the population is no hostility to them has not tested, and either answered them with interest (Kiev), or at all willingly followed them (Novgorod and Upper Volga region).

No doubt — ten centuries Orthodoxy has had a tremendous impact on the history, culture and art, but that would take Vladimir Baptist Catholicism or Islam, and shouted to the current apostles’ Russian native faith "about the" revival of Russian Catholicism … "or" … Russia — a
stronghold of the world of Islam! .. "It’s good that did not send messengers to the priests of the cult of voodoo. And the old faith of the ancient Russ will still be Russian faith.

Emil PRITSSKY, historian

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