PAK FA (T-50). How it all began.

Very interesting video about the T-50, with interviews Davydenko, stages of development, with exclusive footage. I loved it.

 The film tells the story of the plane — a fifth-generation fighter T-50, which is located at the beginning of his flying life.
T-50 — it’s not just an aircraft, it is primarily a weapons system, which is equipped with the latest electronic equipment and means of destruction.
Characteristics inherent in it only tested. On the other hand, it is the latest military development. And so much of what is associated with it, it will still be hidden under the heading "top secret". However, the main thing we can say with certainty: this war machine will shape the Russian Air Force for decades to come.
In addition, in the second film will be told about the pilot’s outfit, on life support and emergency escape Russian perspective frontline aviation complex.
Voice-over-Alexander Klyukvin.

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