Palo Campus on September 1.

Every day in the campus FEFU Russian populated island about 1 thousand students. On the registration of all documents is not more than 2 hours, the entire procedure takes place in the campus. After that, students will receive a cherished room keys that are ready to take the "guests."


Check in Palo held "high-tech": students receive SMS, which reports the date of arrival to campus. Delivery to campus from the point of gathering in the central square of Vladivostok is around the clock, children under 18 years old is allowed only when accompanied by parents.

University prepared in the coming influx of students and increased the number of check-in counters from 15 to 25. Number of people per day is distributed evenly, so the "crush" and there are no queues — the whole process takes no more than 2 hours.

In the main building are set rack, which is the process of registration. You can copy documents and to make and pass a medical examination — is nearby medical center. Here, students pay for their accommodation: there are ATM machines in the lobby. The only thing that should be taken care of beforehand — it’s photography. Having passed all the paper process, the students sit in the bus, which runs through the campus. At the time of settlement of running two buses of the five walks trucks every 10 minutes.

Getting to the place of residence, future and current students visiting the campus, where, by the way, there is even a parking space for bicycles. Students will also be on the car where to put their cars: multi-level parking checked "the strength" of the festival, "Summer on the Russian in 2013," and the task they coped very well.

Students will live in enclosures number number 8, 9, 10, 11. In each case — the color reflected on the pass. Room keys are populated gives the administrator on the 1st floor of each case. The Administrator will also assist students in dealing with everyday issues 24 hours a day. Also at the entrance to the enclosure stands guard.

The rooms, which are on the learning process will become home to the Far Eastern Federal University students, are ready to take their tenants. Most of the "rooms" — double. Here are ready to bed with linens. There are two tables with shelves and bedside tables, two chairs and a large closet. The bathroom is equipped with two sinks, tub, shower and toilet. Once a week in the rooms maids will clean up the mess. The hostel offers free Wi-Fi, and all those who wish to connect wired internet, faster.

Almost ready and cabins. By September 1, there will be about 80 in all cases, just the same household will be equipped with 140 rooms. On today have a fridge, kettle and a couple of microwaves. Soon there will be and the furnace.

Especially students who arrived happy dining. There are four, plans to open as many more. The interior is modern enough, and you want to call it a cafe, not the dining room. Prices are reasonable, as promised earlier, you can have lunch for $ 100: Soup student costs 20 rubles, the same are the salads, the second will cost about 60 rubles.

Has earned the campus and sports complex. In the pool complex on 4-track, 25 meters long, are now actively practicing swimmers, however, it is not staffed by 100%. For example, in the swimming pool there are no special side. How to tell the coaches, the needed parts arrive in Palo soon.

Swimmers themselves are very pleased that they can now exercise without going outside the campus. In the final days before the study pool is open to students free of charge.

In a large sports hall as the final preparations are going on the floor layout is applied. Here, students will be trained and participate in sports. Also located on site are two sports and recreation complex.

In addition to the sports complex have free use of campus students will be able to Far Eastern Federal University in their residential buildings. By decision of the institution directly at the place of residence is sporting equipment rooms — the first to be opened in the buildings № № 9,10 and 11. Each of these rooms is equipped with exercise machines for all muscle groups — is ammo for the press, bench press, pull-ups, treadmills and bikes, as well as dumbbells and barbells.

According to Palo, every day in the campus populated by about 1 thousand. Since August 28, 955 students were issued. Just nine days to campus to call in more than 3.7 thousand people, and by September 1, there will be live 6,500 students.

Already occupied by students every night until September 1 at the waterfront of the bay Ajax will have a meeting with the leadership of the university and members of the Management Company CMI Campus Management. In an informal setting guys can get answers to all vital questions and offer their ideas on the organization of a comfortable life on campus. After the meeting, all waiting for a picnic with dishes of different cuisines.

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