PJSC "EMSS" will take part in a project to build a new generation of nuclear-powered icebreakers. The construction of the first nuclear submarine, which will be the largest and most powerful in the world, the Russian government has budgeted 20 billion rubles. The press-center of PJSC "EMSS". 

The project PJSC "EMSS" will make harvesting equipment for the body RITM-200 reactor. Besides Energomashspetsstal, in a project that the media was referred to as a "new challenge for AEM", brings in three enterprises of machine-building division Goskoporatsii "Rosatom".

The main difference between the new generation of nuclear-powered ships will be their versatility that allows you to quickly and easily change the area of the vessel in the deep shallow and vice versa. Increases and the level of flexibility in the application of nuclear-powered icebreaker, for example, there are more opportunities to use it in emergency rescue operations, which usually have to be carried out in areas with varying depths.

Technical design of the universal icebreaker was developed four years ago. And at the end of April this year the results of competition for the supply of nuclear-powered elements. Case equipment of the reactor facility will manufacture "ZIO-Podolsk" and put in "Baltic Shipbuilding Plant," in December 2015. Blanks Case equipment for the reactors — the task of our company. Entering the engineering division of Rosatom "Venta" will make a special axial fans. The assembly of the reactor will be carried out by JSC "OKBM."

"Today, our company the opportunity to take part in the historic project to develop a new generation of icebreakers. Blanks Case equipment for reactors RITM-200 — a new product for Energomashspetsstal, which is to be master — said General Director of PJSC" EMSS "Maxim Efimov. — And I I hope that the intellectual and industrial potential of the EMSS, will be the key to our success. "

"At the moment nuclear icebreaker fleet of the Russian Federation has six icebreakers" Taimyr "," Vaygach "," 50 Years of Victory "," Russia "," Soviet Union "and" Yamal ". They are served for no more than five or six years. Icebreakers new generation to replace them at the latest, — says the head of the sales department shipbuilding products and semi-finished Yuri Shportko. — The Russian government has planned replacement program ice-class vessels, which must be done before 2020: 8 diesel icebreakers (three icebreaker capacity 17.4 MW — 21900R project, five icebreakers capacity of 25 MW — Project 22600). According to the project for the first icebreaker 22600 PJSC "EMSS" now fulfills the order for OOO "Baltic shipbuilding plant" for the production of billets propulsion system (propeller shafts, intermediate shafts , apple deadwood, blades, hub). "

According to the program of the Ministry of Transport in 2020 is planned to be available in three new nuclear icebreaker. On the construction of the first budget is already put 20 billion rubles. Contractor for three new icebreakers with capacity of 60 MW is defined LLC "Baltic shipbuilding plant", the customer FSUE "Atomflot" the Corporation "Rosatom". In general, the cost of construction of three vessels, excluding infrastructure is estimated at 90 billion rubles.

RITM-200 — it’s two-reactor plant with reactor thermal capacity of 175 MW each, which exceeds the capacity of the plant KLT operating nuclear icebreakers (140-150 MW). Thus it is almost two times smaller and lighter, take up less space on a ship, and in operation is technically and economically more efficient.

A new generation of nuclear-powered vessel will be the largest and most powerful in the world, but at the expense of increased width (34 m instead of 30 on the nuclear-powered ships like "Arctic"), all-purpose icebreaker will be able to conduct one in the Arctic tankers of up to 70 tonnes. The icebreaker will be able to conquer the ice thickness of up to 3 meters.

Reference: Kramatorsk "EMSS" was founded in 1964 as the basic enterprise to provide enterprises and nuclear power engineering special cast and wrought-iron units for nuclear power plants, reactor equipment, special pumps, steam and water turbines, high-pressure.

At present JSC "Energomashspetsstial" specializes in the production of special cast and forged products for individual and small-scale production for heavy, power and transport engineering, metallurgy, cement, mining and other industries of Ukraine and abroad.

In technological processes used modern methods of calculating profits runner systems, directional solidification of the metal in the casting section. Establishment of anti-form oxidizing atmosphere, forced removal of gases from cores and molds, the use of composite molds (mold mixture), yields a high density cast metal. Castings for critical applications are non-destructive methods of control of capillary, magnetic particle and ultrasonic testing.

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