Parade of the Western District received bombers Su-34

Experts of the Western Military District completed the acceptance at the Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association named after Chkalov five new Sukhoi Su-34. On this, as reported by "Interfax", said the head of the press service of the cooling zone, Colonel Andrei Bobrun. According to him, January 25, 2013, these aircraft will go to the airport "Baltimore" in Voronezh.

  • © RIA Novosti, Maya Shelkovnikova
  • © RIA Novosti, Maya Shelkovnikova

The acceptance of the bombers carried out the engineering and flight crews of the Voronezh aviation base WEST. Inspection and testing of the Su-34 took place during the week. "The crews of aircraft cross-country flight, flying at high and low altitudes, maneuvers performed in the air, check the operation of all systems during the flight," — said Bobrun.

At the end of December 2012 it was reported that during the past year, the company "Sukhoi" The Ministry of Defense has transferred ten Russian Su-34 bombers, the first five of which came to the place of dislocation in the Voronezh air base "Baltimore." Transferring second five aircraft took place on 29 December last year. It is possible that these planes January 25, 2013 to go to Voronezh.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense in January 2013 at the Voronezh air base to complete the formation of the second squadron of ten Su-34. The first squadron at the air base "Baltimore" was formed in December 2011. In the framework of the state program of armaments to Russia in 2020 is planned to purchase 120 bombers, Su-34, which will be formed of five squadrons.

The Su-34 is capable of speeds up to 1,900 kilometers per hour. The aircraft is equipped with 12 suspension points for the attachment of arms weighing up to eight tons. The aircraft is also armed with 30-mm gun mount GS-301 machine gun with 180 rounds.

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