Park Altufevo now illuminate the solar panels

In the combined reserve "Altufievsky" in the north-east of Moscow launched minipower and autonomous mast lighting, using solar energy. This was reported in the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

"Minielektrostantsii alternative lighting" Yaroslav "and autonomous mast lighting" Danko "running from the solar panels, fully designed and manufactured in Moscow", —
noted in the department. The first solar power station has an installed capacity of 7.2 kW. Its capacity is sufficient not only for the lighting of the 10 pillars. It is able to provide electricity to all consumers, including, for cultural events in the park.

 The Department assured that the plant blend in with the natural landscape of the reserve between the two bodies of water and its original design stylized arched pedestrian bridge. In spring and autumn it can provide electricity to lights for more than 100 hours, even in the absence of sunlight. Light switching occurs automatically with the onset of darkness.

Self-contained light towers "Danko" can light up about 50 hours in the absence of sunlight. "Lamps are included with the onset of darkness and turn off the program at 2 am", — specified in the department. In addition, they are able to shake off the snow — to the back of the flexible solar modules attached vibrating device that turns on automatically only in the winter time every day for 15 minutes.


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