Park Ice Age: the world will soon reappear mammoths



Park Ice Age: the world will soon reappear mammoths

21.11.03, the


Ideas Spielberg known embodied twice: first — in the form of a film, and then — in form of ordinary wonders. Apparently, very soon, anyone can be photographed against a live Siberian mammoth.
As it became known magazine The Times, Japanese scientists began serious training in cloning a mammoth found in the Siberian permafrost, and as it turned out well enough preserved to give the joy of motherhood Indian cow-elephant, born in thirty thousand years after his tragic death.
A pair of legs of a mammoth, according to the magazine, was discovered eight years ago, a local hunter, who was quick to notify the authorities about his find. Unfortunately, the poor economic situation, in which resides the Russian science is not allowed to make a full-scale investigation and a special expedition was limited to only visit the place where they found the remains of a prehistoric animal.
However, the Japanese researchers, finds out about the burial, showed great interest in the sensational discovery and organized this month his own expedition. It turned out that the mammoth probably killed 25-30 thousand years ago with the avalanche that literally tore it up and buried in the permafrost.
With all the tragedy of the story (for the mammoth, of course), modern scholars have, something to fall into enthusiasm: Ice Age animals, frozen immediately after death — a very rare and lucky find, which allows to hope that their tissues were not destroyed and can be used for genetic studies.
Japanese scientists at Kinki University (Kinki) and Tifa (Tifu) have already submitted applications to the competent authorities and hope that in the fall they will get an export permit tissue fragments found mammoth.
The piquancy of the situation is that the Japanese are quite interested in specific parts of the body. The fact that the victim of a mammoth were not only his feet, but … how shall I put it … In general, the Japanese want to take out of our country's most precious thing that was in mammoth his genitals. It is possible that frozen sperm left in his testicles, not deteriorated over the past thirty thousand years.
If their assumptions are true, in the near term will be used mammoth sperm to fertilize the female Indian elephant for obtaining its approximate genetic copy.
"Approximately" because in the cells of the newborn in any case, will contain some of the DNA elephant. Even after fifty years after the series will be seeded several born this way "slonomamontov", the final version will be only 88% identical to the DNA of his "biological father."
However, consider another option of cloning: if the sperm of a mammoth would be unsuitable for use for its intended purpose, the Japanese are going to extract the desired genetic material of soft tissue preserved feet.
We add that the cloned baby mammoth will be one of the most valuable pieces being created in Japan, "Park Ice Age." Company he was wild horses of North-eastern Siberia and the Canadian bison. And then, suddenly, the brontosaurus podospeyut.
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