Participants bike ride Russian world without orphans sunk to Kansk

Kansk today visited members of the international bicycle race "Russia and the world without orphans". The project is unique in the fact that a team of 40 cyclists made up of former street children and orphans, accompanied by his new parents and mentors. Over the shoulders of the guys are already 8,000 kilometers ahead — Baikalsk. Their main goal — to tell the world that adopt a child — it’s easy and not scary. 

Bike Ride "Russia and the world without orphans" are already included in the Guinness Book of Records. Behind the guys great distance that they traveled from Mariupol in Ukraine to our city. Ahead — Alaska, United States, Europe, and Ukraine again. But it will not be this year — the event is designed for 7 years, 5 of which are still to come. ROMAN MOZHERIN, COORDINATOR bike ride "RUSSIA AND THE WORLD WITHOUT ORPHANS": "The guys are good column, they are good bikes. They gave them one of the participants in the Russian team. They have a professional form, they have already gained a good shape. They are held on the day of 160-200 km. For example, I have never held such a distance on a bicycle. I accompanied them to the border area Bogotol and I will lead them to Nizhneingashskogo district. Well done. "

In each city, the boys undergo extensive program: meetings with social and round table discussions with representatives of the government, the media, members of different faiths. Topping velokolonnu father of 32 children, the director of the Charity Fund "Pilgrim" Gennady Mokhnenko. Even the most complex children, getting into the family, fixed, said Gennady by the example of his own son Sergei proves this truth. Gennadiy, Director of the Foundation "PILGRIM", participants of the rally: "overlap, our eyes. I understand that if I say no, then the chances of the boy not much. He has a complicated history. I say, "Why me? They say: "A very, very difficult." The question: what’s hard about that? Answered drank from childhood, from five years, almost every day. To make war with him a little bit, but taxied. All right — well done lad, umnichka goes to the team. " Siberia, recognized guys met them hospitably, but to mosquitoes and adolescents Gadfly difficult to get used to. Vyacheslav Smykov on this account does not complain, saying that the result of their circumnavigation of action games are much more significant than the little things like insects.

Gennady sits next to Eugene Isayev, received the title of "The Pride of Ukraine." He was the first in the country his father, who fathered a child with HIV. Now he brings his wife have 11 children, seven of them are HIV-positive. Some of his adopted sons, too, took part in the bike ride.

Vyacheslav sense, the PARTICIPANT bike ride "RUSSIA AND THE WORLD WITHOUT ORPHANS": "We’ve seen all sorts of different wonders for us. We were greeted in many cities, a very positive attitude towards our dream — to every child, an orphan have a father and a mother "After each stage, which overcome the teenagers, they get in your address many letters of thanks to the cause, and the idea that they carry. By the end of the project it is planned to publish a book about fun travel group, and now TV series about them is removed.

  For two summers participating circumnavigation veloekshena "Russia and the world without orphans" drove two full grand tour. Eight thousand miles across Ukraine and Russia. Pros among them. There are adult men, teenagers and even patsanyata who have just begun to reach the pedals. However, the day they wind it is currently in the stage of the Tour de France — 100, 150 and even 205 kilometers. And that’s not all — over the next five years, cyclists are planning to circumnavigate the globe and return to his native Mariupol. And in the winter breaks — "run up" on Everest, a ride on the Africa … The goal of each of the "raid" one, says the main initiator of the action, Gennady Mokhnenko — to motivate people to adopt kids without parents.

He himself had 32 children. Former street. He found them in orphanages, manholes, basements, laundered, brought up … He did everything to prove — the "bad" genetics does not exist, the biological mother and father may be drug addicts, alcoholics, but for children it is transmitted. In my opinion, he’s already managed to prove the Ukraine, part of Russia, in front — the whole world …

— My foster children — all former street kids who with five who with six, some with eight or even two and a half years have passed, and drugs and crime, many things. But this is what we see — in the family, they are changing, and for this we travel around the Earth.

  How it is going to happen abroad from the point of view of the organization? After all, here we have probably all easier, after all we are the same blood. And there?

Of course, in Russia we have a luxurious reception. Mayors, governors meet us, accommodated, fed, support from the Federation Council on the route. In addition, our share has no analogues in the world. Do children who grow up in the basement, did not travel around the world. We guarantee a good reception everywhere.

About abroad — even today there are a few large corporations, who learned about our approach, expressed their willingness to take on the administration of our trip. Besides, we still have two years left. When we get to America, there will be more clarity. I’m sure the world is not without good people. Here today after a concert in Krasnoyarsk people themselves fit — give us money. So to feed enough. Or — was approached by a family of Krasnoyarsk, took away all of my kids to the store and bought all the most luxurious brand sneakers that were there. Just like that — from the heart. "The children come to the children’s home and on the street, not because that something is wrong, but because the world, with adults, something is wrong. It is necessary to raise and in Russia and Ukraine, the culture of adoption. We have to analyze all the street children to their homes, on families. They all need our love, " — put an end to the conversation Gennady Mokhnenko.

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