Participation in the Pacific Fleet exercise RIMPAC-2012


Three ships of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation on June 13 set out from Vladivostok to the Hawaiian Islands, reports "Interfax". The ships will take part in an international maritime exercise RIMPAC-2012 (Rim of the Pacific Exercise, "Teachings of Aziastko Pacific").
The active phase of the maneuvers will begin July 11 and last until August 2. The exercise will include 45 ships from 23 countries. As told in the press service of the Eastern Military District, from Russia to Hawaii sent the ship "Admiral Panteleev" tanker "Boris Butoma" and an ocean lifeguard "Photios wings."

RIMPAC doctrine held since 1971. The first time took part in the maneuvers of ships United States, Canada, Australia and the UK. Russian ships will participate in the exercises for the first time.

Photos of ships, "Admiral Panteleev" (the title)

Boris Butoma:



 Photios Krylov:


PS By the way, ship type "Photios Krylov" sama is the world’s largest marine tug

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