Passengers tried out a new terminal at the airport of Vladivostok

 Vladivostok testing work of the new airport. The first new terminal is estimated ordinary passengers transit flight Novosibirsk — Vladivostok — Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.Airline passengers flights Novosibirsk — Vladivostok — Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk — the lucky ones. For the first time in local practices plane is parked directly in front of the new terminal. Exit the cabin — at boarding bridge, protected by heavy rain. For those who have already flown in Primorye, it was a real surprise.

"It’s beautiful and cozy, bright, awesome. Through these" sleeves "in the rain and the snow does not have to hide under an umbrella" — happy passenger Oksana Melekhina.

Baggage travelers who stay in Primorye, get in a few minutes. Transit passengers rest after the trip, and ride in a transparent elevator car and the escalators. Those who join the flight, filled with sterile zone. All are treated to chocolates and champagne.

"I’m not an authority on international airports, I like everything here. Staff is friendly," — said Natalia Belonosova.

 Service of this flight includes checking all the systems of the new airport: registration, inspection, sorting luggage.

"Major construction work is finished, there is commissioning of engineering equipment, process systems. Stay trim VIP-hall, landscaping of the adjacent territory," — said Maxim Chetverikov, general director of "Vladivostok International Airport."

 Airport work in normal mode will begin in early July. The design capacity of the giant by local standards — 3.5 million passengers a year, but the design features of the new terminal will be increased if necessary to about 5 million. The modern airport was built in record time, thanks to the fact that the Vladivostok chosen as the capital of the APEC summit in 2012. In September, he will be hosting the forum.



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