PATH has completed the second phase of the program to reduce the noise impact on the environment

The program for the reduction of noise pollution on the environment Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (included in the company CTRP) last week at all pipes industrial gas station installed silencers. The new equipment was installed on three lines relief valves: two nitrogen and one oxygen.

— Silencers for nitrogen lines designed on the "tube in tube" when the top of the main perforated pipe installed another trumpet, which is located between noise absorbing material — says Valery Treskin, chief engineer of the PATH. — At the oxygen line muffler design is somewhat different — square section, the space inside is divided into sections, and the walls — as soundproofing of the mother. The main thing that has been done on the oxygen kickers — is to increase the diameter of the main pipe from 325 mm to 508 mm. Due to this shrill sound of the change from the high pressure to the atmospheric declines. A soundproofing will repay a portion of the sound waves and more evenly push the gas from the pipe.

Who industrial gas station are commissioning and test measurements. Once the work station is stabilized after a scheduled overhaul in electric complex "Iron Ozone 32", PATH will hold a public measurements of noise levels at the border of the sanitary protection zone of the plant: the control points of the nearby villages Samstroy, Trubposelok, Elnichny and Talitsa. Measurements will conduct independent laboratory in the presence of the inhabitants of these villages.

In August this year, the company had implemented the first phase of the program to reduce the noise impact on the environment. Then went into operation azotoprovod by which nitrogen from industrial gas station ESPK "Iron Ozone 32" is now transported to the pipe-and gas-fired plant enterprise. At the same time, the production of nitrogen was stopped at another site PATH — nitrogen-oxygen station A8.

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