Patriarch Ilia II: This is a violation of the rights of the majority, traditions and


Patriarch Ilia II: This is a violation of the rights of the majority, tradition and faith
Inspired by the message of the Primate of the Georgian Church, tens of thousands of people hit the "gay pride" in the center of Tbilisi

  • Antigeyskaya demonstration in Tbilisi

Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II appealed to the government and the Tbilisi City Hall to ban a gay pride parade, which was conducting scheduled for May 17. The authorities have not heard it, but people have demonstrated complete unity with its Patriarch: Towards a possible gay pride parade in the streets of Tbilisi went ten-thousandth of a crowd of protesters.

"As you know, on May 17 this year on Rustaveli Avenue scheduled meeting of sexual minorities and their supporters, the purpose of which — do not permit their own problems, and outright speculation topic. Despite the conventional wisdom that is present in our country, they are free to conduct their personal lives.

But there are also social values and moral laws. All religions and scientific fields (psychology, medicine) believe homosexuality is an anomaly and disease. Church treats people with such tendencies as suffering from severe sins. They need help and support to correct and healing.

People in this country are absolutely certain spiritual values, and therefore understand their sharp protest against such non-traditional meetings. Our citizens see this as a violation of the rights of the majority, their traditions and beliefs. I think the mayor’s office and the government should take into account these circumstances and to cancel the event, given that today is a day of mourning in honor and memory of our fallen soldiers, "- said in a statement, the Patriarch, which quotesPravoslavie.Ru.

But the Saints did not hear and did not cancel the action. As a result, on May 17, according to the "News-Georgia", in the center of the Georgian capital, gathered ten thousand, while other estimates and more, opponents of the gay parade.

After breaking through the police cordon near the metro station "Freedom Square" protesting ran in the direction of the Pushkin square, where changing the venue for its shares because of the large number of protesters gathered those who intended to festively celebrate the fight against homophobia.

Protested against this were armed with stinging nettles, which set out to carve the audience, promising to make a "revolution of nettles." The activists of the gay movement have been forced to flee buses, one minibus opponents of gay parade began throwing stones, causing windows were broken.

The police helped the minibus driver to go through the crowd. As a result, 17 people were injured.

Among the protesters was the Georgian clergy which demonstrated its tough stance on this issue.

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