Patrol boat Triglav sent to Novorossiysk


Triglav patrol boat project 10412 (head number 043), built for the Navy Slovenia shipbuilding firm "Almaz" in St. Petersburg, is sent to Novorossiysk. The ship is under the Russian flag, and his arrival at the military base in Novorossiysk is expected in early November, the press service of the company.

Triglav left the waters of SF "Diamond" in the night of 8 to 9 October 2010. Prior to the beginning of October were tested and receive the Slovenian side of the boat. The contract for the construction of the ship was signed in July 2008 and in September of that year, the ship was built, and the descent of the water patrol boat was held July 21, 2010. The project is designed CMDB patrol boat "Diamond".

In Novorossiysk on the patrol boat Triglav Slovenia flag will be raised, and November 11-12, the ship will leave the territorial waters of Russia, and will go into the Adriatic Sea, where the service will be held in the 430 th Marine Division Navy Slovenia.

Simultaneously with the construction of the boat was preparing for the Slovenian crew, which was divided into two parts: a theoretical course in the Institute team listened to the Coast Guard in Anapa, and the practical part of studying in St. Petersburg. The training was conducted in English, on completion of the course the Slovenian team received diplomas and certificates.

Patrol boat Triglav will be the second ship of the Navy of Slovenia.

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