Patrol ship Dauntless Baltic Fleet made a routine visit to the port of Salalah (Oman)

Today patrol ship (SKR) "Fearless" Baltic Fleet made a routine business visit to the port of Salalah (Oman). During his stay in the port the ship refuel, replenish supplies of fresh water and food, and his crew will be able to relax on the beach.

After the completion of the call, which will last until May 23, the crew will continue to perform security tasks civilian shipping in the Horn of Africa.

TFR "Fearless" came out of the main base of the Baltic Fleet — Baltiysk in March 2013 During the time spent at sea the ship passed over 8 thousand nautical miles, made a transition across the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

To guard vessel BF trip to Horn of Africa is the third. Last campaign the ship was in 2010 then TFR "Fearless" spent 144 days at sea. During this time it was completed more than 22 thousand nautical miles, made of 3 business calling at foreign ports, convoys were 7 of 28 commercial vessels with a total tonnage of 1.3 million tonnes

As part of the crews of ships, which provided the wiring TFR were 496 people, 183 of them — the citizens of the Russian Federation. During the execution of tasks Russian sailors arrested seven people suspected of piracy.

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