Pavlovsky Bus Factory — Photo tour

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Pavlovsky Bus Factory is a major producer of small buses in Russia and one of the ten largest producers in the world. Each year, coming off the assembly line company over ten thousand units.
Truckers blog, one of the first internet magazines, who managed to pass through the shops of the plant with a camera and make a full report. For organizing this trip, thank Director Department of Mass Communications, LLC "Russian Buses — GAZ Group" Voronina Ella Alexandrovna, as well as personal PR manager Olga A. Fefelova.

Next 66 pictures and a video from the conveyor slot. So sit back, tea or coffee will come in handy.



  1. The plant in Paul, has its foundation in 1932, it was originally designed to produce driver tools, as well as products for car body reinforcement Gorky and the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant.
    • The first bus on the basis of GAZ-51, was released in August 1952 goda.Sleduyuschy year will be a jubilee for workers. During his suschestvovaniyapod PAZ was issued more than 600 thousand cars of various models and modifications.
      • Our tour of the factory started with welding and body shop.
        • From here originates the factory assembly line.
          • On the stocks welded frame. Already discern the outlines of a future bus.
            • On PAZ implemented the best technology, successfully tested and used in the west. Gone are the huge storage space. Production of components goes two steps ahead of the assembly, the so-called "assembly with wheels."
              • Honestly I was impressed by the production of culture in this venture. These are not empty words, once I was able to attend one of the best defense plants in the country — at the height of the PAZ.
                • Perhaps there will be objections and examples of sterile plants of western plants, but let’s not forget where we are and where zapad.Spetsialno for critics — to feel yourself in shoes of producer operating in Russia, for a start, open at least SP. And if a couple of years, you’ll still pay taxes, then we will talk about.
                  • PAZ — forming enterprise, there are no Chinese or Tajiks. We must pay tribute to the management company, the buses continue to go under the trademark.
                    • About five thousand employees working in the factory and consistently earn wages.
                      • A skeleton of the bus starts its journey on the conveyor.
                        • The most massive Russian bus, it could not break even the Chinese auto industry
                          • Welders in Pavlov, as well severe, like their counterparts from Chelyabinsk.
                            • All stampings are manufactured right here in the shop nearby.
                              • In the words of Chief of welding and body shop, welder — the most highly paid profession in the factory.
                                    • The plate with the VIN-number on the PAZ.
                                      • Ready to enter the body paint shop. Shall proceed with them.
                                        • Primed ready for painting the body.
                                          • In 2009, enacted painting complex of new generation "Eisenman."
                                            • Prior to the introduction of new equipment, paint shop was a big headache all workers paint brushes, rollers and guides.
                                              • A slurry of soil and paint hung like a curse of all working shop, but now it’s in the past.
                                                • It seemed to me that the paint shop employs some women.
                                                  • New painted bus is ready to proceed to the assembly line.
                                                    • Sending commands lovely creation.
                                                      • The next leg of our tour assembly plant. Shall proceed there.
                                                        • At any Russian plant, not burdened by the traffic police and the registration of guests, you can find amazing vehicles. Local Lefty turn swords into plowshares.
                                                          • A base GAZelle reduced to indecent five feet.
                                                            • On the assembly line collect various modifications buses PAZ.
                                                              • PAZ-3204 was put into production in January 2009. Recognized as the best coach of the year in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
                                                                • Note passenger seat of a new model. And compare with the old "Harnesses", their photos will be lower.
                                                                  • Installation of the battery pack.
                                                                    • At this point on the line PAZ set three engine models. MMP diesel, gasoline ZMZ, diesel Cummins. From 2012 — 3204 PAZ buses will be equipped with a diesel engine JAMZ 530.
                                                                      • In the photo, the Cummins engine
                                                                        • Plot subassembly bridges.
                                                                            • Threaded fittings, picture for those who are in the subject.
                                                                              • Seats, a native of the last century. The indispensable thing by the way, when working under the car.
                                                                                • Yellow, modified school bus. Among other changes, it contains seats equipped with seat belts, shelving for school backpacks. Each seat is equipped with a button to the driver, and an additional step, which is in clear stops the movement of the bus.
                                                                                  • Good old "keyway". Small buses, so far is the basic model of the plant.
                                                                                    • Factory time is counting the finished product. Every day, leaving the assembly line 36 brand new buses.
                                                                                      • The plot is set in the engine buses.
                                                                                        • Land docking chassis and engine.
                                                                                                • Computer diagnostics and tuning of the engine.
                                                                                                  • Pasting windows.
                                                                                                    • PAZ-3204 — a new model of the plant, designed to replace the veteran on the line PAZ-3205.
                                                                                                      • Stand brake system checked.
                                                                                                        • Brand new bus leaves the assembly plant.
                                                                                                          • At the end of our tour we were shown a new, flagship factory workers PAZ-320412, the bus with the symbolic name Vector.
                                                                                                            • My acquaintance with him left me only a pleasant experience. The build quality and performance at the highest level
                                                                                                              . It was learned that already has customers for the purchase of large quantities of this model bus.

                                                                                                              • Left the factory in full confidence in PAZ is the future!
                                                                                                              • The original article can be found at Blog Trucker

                                                                                                                Request to all who want to make repost reportage — contact on our website with its author, Valery Pisanova.

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