PC Akhtuba (Volgograd region). Opened the modernized production workshop

July 29 On the eve of the Day of the Navy, at the JSC "Industrial complex" Akhtuba "the grand opening of the renovated area of mechanical-assembly production. Open after upgrading plant is unique in its kind. Now there are 12 modern machines of American manufacturing. They serve a total of 6 people. Thus, the performance of an updated portion in comparison with not yet upgraded up to 4 times.

The industrial complex of "Ahtuba" — one of the leading Russian companies in manufacturing, installation supervision, adjustment and repair of military equipment destined for the Russian Navy. The main activities of the company — sonar equipment and navigation systems and facilities, means of underwater communications, emergency rescue stations.

According to the general director of "PC" Akhtuba "Valentine Kantemirova, today the company is indeed actively developed. "This year, the volume of production at our plant has increased by 30%. About the same amount it will grow next year. This is due to increased volume of state defense order. And the implementation of the plan for us — one of the priorities — said Valentin. — On the eve of the Day of the Navy, I would like to congratulate the whole team of our company sincerely thank the staff for their hard work and to wish us all success and prosperity. "

The plant instrumentation "Akhtuba" from which the consequence of increased production in the complex, was formed in 1959 by decree of the government of the USSR on the basis of the factory "Red metalhead." In 1965, the company had changed its output to the needs of the Navy.

The company has a good social security: employees are given preferential trips to resorts, there is the possibility of financial support. In production shops being renovated residential premises, opened a new dining room.

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