Pediculus politicus potestas capitis

Imperceptibly came into use a new concept — non-systemic opposition. To further simplify the writing of call this phenomenon — NESISOP. So what is it? Try to understand. It would seem that the answer to the question about the essence of nesisopov is very simple — the people who oppose themselves to the current government, but not part of the official opposition party … However, there is one "but"!
We nesisopov there are a number of features that set them apart from the usual opposition and at the same time make them look like Pediculus humanus capitis (head lice)
1. The monotony of the environment — nesisopy only among intellectuals, lice only live on humans.
2. The monotony of life — nesisopy live off the mistakes and miscalculations current government, using them as motivation of its existence, lice live on the body of a member of another species, using it as a food source.
3. The uniformity of the diet — nesisopy at all stages of the fed only negative information, lice at all stages of the feed only on blood.
4. Uniformity of pathogenicity (contagious) — nesisopy are a carrier of such dangerous "disease" as the destruction of the established political system and lies in the interests of third parties, lice are carriers of typhus, relapsing fever, trench fever.
5. The monotony of the reaction environment on their activities — nesisopy cause irritation of the authorities and one-time military actions restraint functionaries, lice cause severe itching, scratching, pustular skin lesions. In short a lot of harm, but very annoying!
So, all we are seeing the formation of a new subspecies of Pediculus politicus potestas capitis (Rus "lice policy") (Politics) — member of the genus Homo sapiens (Latin: Homo sapiens) Of the hominid family in primates, strictly specialized parasites of the political system.
It is natural that political lice used sworn "friends" Russia who seek unbalance the system for subsequent destruction by piece. And nesisopy carrying a negative charge of the political, the first assistant to the difficult task of destroying Russia.
In the next article I’m going to pay attention to the technique "Liberation from the lice."
ZY Literally, the head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis) Translated from Latin — "sentenced to death a human foot." That is a similarity nesisopov lice have some mystical sense, because we all know the fate of the poor blood-sucking insects.

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