Pella completes the design and manufacture is preparing to build a rescue tug

JSC "Pella" completes the design and manufacture is preparing for the construction of multi-purpose tug rescue unlimited navigation area of the project SS-45.

The vessel is designed for:

  • of the sea towing of vessels and floating objects and structures in ice and open water
  • performance of the functions of supply offshore facilities with equipment and materials, shipping Special personnel and cargo, to assist in the conduct of technical operations at remote sites in the sea
  • participation in rescue operations, assisting ships in distress, search, rescue, evacuation and accommodation of people, providing them with medical care
  • rescue duty in the areas of shipping, offshore oil and gas fields
  • fighting fires on floating objects and coastal extinguishing burning oil on water
  • Accidental oil spills
  • maintenance of transport operations in the ports of the shallow water and offshore shelf
  • ensure the underwater works
  • breaking ice thickness of 1 m at a speed of 2? 5 knots
  • escort operations at speeds up to 10 knots.

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