Pellet launched another lift to the Russian Navy

Leningrad Shipyard "Pella" June 7 launched the raid another tug Project 90600, built for the Navy.

Azimuth tug RB-391 serial number 932 — is the 12th in a row boat project 90600 for the Navy Russia. Multipurpose vessels of this type for several years successfully perform service in the Northern Fleet, the Black Sea Fleet, the Baltic Sea. June 1, 2012 in Kronstadt, a solemn ceremony on the occasion of Flag-raising auxiliary fleet of tugs on the RB-20 and RB-27, built on the LSZ of "Pella" in the Leningrad naval base of the Baltic Fleet. Yesterday from the pier venture inland to the North left two tugs Project 16609 — "Dolphin" (serial number 618) and the "Killer Whale" (serial number 619), adopted by the state commission with a high estimate. Place of registration of both vessels — the port of Murmansk. 

Launched tug after factory and state tests be directed to support fleet renewal BF. 

Total for the Fleet to "Pelle" has built 17 vessels of various types and types. Shipbuilders "Pella" continue fulfilling orders of the Navy, and not only tugs. So, now signed a contract to build four multi-port service vessels project BSA-1000 (for the Navy — Project 03180) with a displacement of more than 2000 tons. Under the contract, the first two ships are scheduled to transfer to the Navy in 2013, two more will be transferred in 2014. 

Purpose tug project 90600 — Implementation of towing and berthing operations at the ports, the roads and coastal areas. Tug adapted to participate in rescue operations to refloat ships in extinguishing fires on floating objects and onshore facilities in the oil spill, can carry small batches of ice cover in the wash waters naval base. 

Main technical characteristics of tug project 90600

displacement — 415 tons; 
The maximum length — 25.4 m; 
maximum width — 8.8 m; 
maximum draft — 3.8 m; 
speed — 12 knots; 
tractive force at the hook — up to 35 tons

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