Penoplex launches a new plant for the production of thermal insulation in the Irkutsk region

Company PENOPLEKS — Russia’s largest manufacturer of construction and decorative finishing materials based on polymers. The company began operations in 1998 with the launch of the first Russian production line for the manufacture of insulating materials of extruded polystyrene under the brand name PENOPLEKS ®.

The company "Penoplex" implements a new project to build capacity production in the current month starts adjusting to the new site in the Irkutsk region (Cheremhovo).

The designed capacity (100 thousand cubic meters per year) in July 2012. The total investment exceeded $ 5 million.

The plant will use the most advanced technology of thermal insulation boards — without the use of Freon, absolutely harmless to the environment.

The company "Penoplex" consistently pursuing the expansion of its geographical presence, constantly increasing production capacity. In 2011, exactly half were increased production capacity of the plant "Penoplex" in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kapchagai, Almaty region) and here in the summer of 2012 opened a new plant in Eastern Siberia (Cheremhovo).

Products manufactured at the plants’ Penoplex "is in great demand in all regions of Russia, the CIS and the EU. Company’s sales network stretching from Murmansk to Bishkek and from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

General Director of "Penoplex" Gregory Protosenya commented: "Our strategy was initially focused on leadership in the market, so we have created a network of factories in key regions for us and continue to expand its geographic presence. Location of plants by presence of consumer markets and most efficient logistics to extremely quickly meet our customers high-quality insulation material. Today, when the energy saving and environmental protection is the level of public policy, investment in the production of energy-efficient materials — this is definitely an investment in the future. By expanding the geography of production of modern insulation PENOPLEKS® people of our country will be able to move into a comfortable, environmentally friendly, and affordable housing. "



Insulation Penoplex belongs to a new generation of thermal insulation materials. Characteristics of the material really unique. Lack of water absorption, resistance to temperature, low and high temperatures, open flames (assigned material flammability class G4-G1), the various climatic factors, biological neutrality (in the material do not breed bacteria, fungi, mold) — all of this, along with the excellent thermal insulation and noise insulation properties, making Penoplex leader in thermal insulation materials. In addition, the insulation is non-toxic, environmentally safe, no harm to human health.

This material can be used in virtually all areas of construction:

— to protect the foundation
— for thermal insulation of basements
— for thermal insulation of floors and ceilings
— for thermal pools, water supply systems;
— for highways, runways, railways

— for thermal insulation of walls, floors, foundations for low-rise construction, insulation and thermal insulation of balconies loggias
— for the production of sandwich panels

Extruded polystyrene foam can be used in all climates, even with the most severe weather. The use of this insulation can significantly reduce the cost of building materials, as well as on the heating of the object in the future, by reducing heat loss. After a layer of insulation thickness of 5 cm can replace the clutch of solid brick, 153mm thick.

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