Penza farmers earn in growing camelina


As practice shows, this oilseed can provide good profitability. With the implementation problems do not arise, and the price per kilogram of seed up to 10 rubles per kilogram.

Today, saffron as an effective oilseed once again drawn the attention of farmers, due to its unpretentious and earliness, high and stable yields.

The scientists of the Penza Agricultural Research Institute launched a new and original grade camelina "Penzyak", which does not freezes, tolerates drought, early maturity.

Made from camelina oil as food and maintenance. Last used in the paint and soap industries such as biofuels. A cake, meal are fed to livestock and poultry.

Growing winter and spring camelina pays the cost several times over. For example, the SEC "Luninsky" false flax production costs amounted to only 1,000 rubles per hectare. A net profit exceeded 5 thousand rubles per hectare.

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