Penza Oblast in ophthalmic hospital launched a dark operating

  Significant event in the history of the Penza ophthalmology. At the regional hospital launched a new, so-called dark operating, on Thursday, February 9. Thanks to her, it was possible to carry out operations on the retina of the eye, which he had not done in Penza.

  The new operating currently is a great operation. It is planned to save vision at least 400 patients per year. The need for vitrioretionalnoy surgery operations in the vitreous and the retina, is growing every year. Region in conducting this type of treatment from the neighbors sorely behind. "Thanks to the modernization program of health, which in July last year from the regional budget has allocated sufficient funds, we purchased the most modern and unique equipment for this type of surgery," — said the chief doctor of the Penza Regional Eye Hospital Rashid Galeev. 50 million rubles allocated from the regional budget, bought not only a new operating theater, but also the equipment for other departments Eye Hospital. Now here are able to carry out high-tech operations. For the current year they have already allocated 600 quotas, and patients will no longer go for treatment in other regions. A 70% holding of high-tech operations co-financed from the federal budget, the remaining 30% — of the regional. For the patient persistence of vision — free of charge.

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