Penza region has become a leader for the production of poultry meat in the Volga Federal District

Penza region takes the lead on the production of poultry meat in the Volga region. The largest poultry farm in the area "Vasilyevskaya" launches a new platform in operation after 20 years of inactivity. Poultry Farm "Nina" for the eastern edge of the village Kizhevatovo — it was a small village with a three-story office building, its boiler and elevator, roads, fields and plantations. Powerful once the company ceased to exist in the perestroika years and about 20 years old stood abandoned. In 2010, the facility acquired Poultry "Vasilyevskaya."

Over the past year and a half have been working here. Total investments amounted to over 900 million. Particularly important facility at the site — shop for the slaughter of flocks of chickens and the culling of rearing broilers. Performance slaughter line — 1 thousand 500 head per hour. Flocks of chickens will be brought from other areas, "Vasilievskaya" factory farming.

Later in the plan to make a small stadium, sports area, recreation area, to reconstruct the hostel. Consumption of poultry meat in Russia is growing every year. Poultry Farm "Vasilyevskaya" tries to satisfy the demand, its capacity up to 110 tons of chicken meat in live weight.

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