People and objects are able to dissolve in the air




To the north is Lake Rudolf in Kenya. It is an island Envaitenet that the language of the tribe elmolo living on the shores of the lake, is "irrevocable." Locals do not settle on the island, considering it a cursed place. And I must say, they have some justification for this.

In 1935, an expedition on the lake under the guidance of British explorer V.Fusha. On an island off two of its members — and M.Sheflis B.Dayson. After a couple of days, they light signals reported that they had all normal. It was the latest information received from the "islanders". When on the 15th day, worried about the long absence of their comrades, went to the island three other members of the expedition they found on the island is not the slightest trace of their predecessors. Sheflis Dyson and disappeared.

From Marsabita was called plane that within two days overflew the island. Then, almost two hundred local residents, lured by a huge reward, which promised Fuchs at least for some traces of their comrades literally turned every stone on the island. But this time was not found anything.

Over time, the story was forgotten, and settled on the island a few families of the tribe elmolo who fled here from the raids of nomadic warlike neighbors. Elmolo successfully mastered the island, sometimes brought on the coast of the fish, which were exchanged for skins and milk, sometimes invited me to visit relatives.

But somehow elmolo from the island for a long time did not appear on the shore, and then from there sent Loiengalani raft. Arrived saw a completely empty village. Pristine things found in an extinct fire, along with the remains of the fish had time to decompose. Where are the people — thirty villagers? Again, no trace, not even a hint, which made it possible to unravel the cause of their disappearance …


The oldest message of the lost village goes back to 1585. This case study again and again, but no one could explain it. On the island of wounds (now North Carolina), Sir Walter Raleigh, along with the English settlers founded the town. Among the fertile nature of the settlement was to grow rapidly. The land was fertile and soon gave the first harvest. And Sir Reilly went to Europe to buy seeds for future crops, purchase the necessary equipment and bring new settlers. But when he returned, he found that the village is dead and all abandoned. Axes were still lying near the trees that were going to uproot. Clothes in the chests and cabinets was intact. Nothing to indicate signs of a struggle or urgent departure of residents. Nowhere to be seen and animals.

This event is still unexplained.


Miner Joe La Bell frequented the north of Canada, where he worked near the Eskimo village 300 kilometers from the town of Churchill. When he's in November 1930, somehow came to the village, I saw that everything had changed. Not only people, but also a single dog he saw. Everywhere ghostly silence.

It looked as if the inhabitants had left the village for a few minutes. Pots on the fire were full of food. In some huts found items of clothing, which had been inserted needles, as if they had just begun to mend. There are no signs of a struggle. On the shore of the sea kayaks bobbing. It also surprised that the dogs were tied though, did not die of hunger. Charged rifle Eskimos stood leaning against the wall. But they never left the village without dogs and guns.

Labelle notified the Canadian Police. However, the police, who examined the area around the village, so nothing was found. Lights out was given only after a week of searching. In Acts Commission disappearance Eskimos recorded as an inexplicable phenomenon.

I recently read an interesting documentary story with the intriguing title "The visit to the light." Here are a few excerpts from it: "… dog ran along the shore gangways when his boss Mikhail Lebedev pass offing his goats. His eyes dog ran into the bush willow and gone. It was late autumn, when the foliage was asleep, and through branches of the host saw his dog as if melted in the air. disbelief, he went to the bush and looked at it from all sides. dog disappeared without a trace.

About two months the dog was not at home, and the owner has accepted the loss. But once in the winter in the street heard a familiar bark. He opened the door — on the threshold of a favorite dog, as if fallen from the moon. Lebedev had heard about the antics of aliens on a similar and immediately suspected that they were teleported back to him a dog. But how to test it?

… Recently, the snow fell, and it was clearly visible traces of his dog, which led to the ill-fated river. The owner went over them and a hundred yards from the house found confirmation of his conjecture. Paw prints nipped out of the blue snow field, where there was no other trace — neither dog nor human. It seemed that the dog and in fact fell to the ground. But where?

He must have been in very unusual places, because the changed beyond recognition. Previously, it was cowardly dog that gnawed all the neighbors dogs. And now they fled in terror from it. It seemed like a dog possessed by unclean. How he mustered a force? "

In this story, scientists have tried to understand. According to the scientists of the Moscow laboratory microlepton technology, inanimate objects and living beings can actually disappear. Electrons, protons, and other microparticles during teleportation become microleptons. This ultra-light particles, invisible to ordinary people, and so it seems that during the teleportation of objects and creatures seem to merge into the air.

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