Pereslavskiy industrial park celebrated the Day of the Yaroslavl industry

December 1, Yaroslavl region celebrated the Day of the industry. In celebration of the exhibition complex "Old Town", an exhibition-presentation of "Innovation. Production. The market. " One of the participants of the exhibition was "Pereslavskiy industrial park", who is now in a number of innovative Russian companies leading position. The exhibition was opened by the regional governor Sergei Vahrukov.


Leading industrial enterprises of the region have demonstrated their products. "Pereslavskiy industrial park" was presented by two of their own development — biodegradable plastic films for industrial and food grade film and medical supplies for the manufacture of containers for infusion solutions. They come to life one of the enterprises of industrial park — the company "Puma".
Both projects are socially important — they are aimed at preserving the environment. The issue of environmental safety posed today is quite acute. Combustion of polyethylene is extremely harmful to the environment, and in particular to human health. Because of this, expand the landfill, taking up space in forests and agricultural areas. 90% of plastics ever produced, still exists, and the accumulation of "eternal garbage" continues. Switching to biodegradable ekoupakovku very important for Russia — according to statistics, every year in Moscow alone, discarded plastic bags 4 billion, respectively, in the entire country, this figure is a thousand times more. Term degradation of the ordinary plastic bag is about 100 — 200 years. A Biobags made in "Pereslavsky technopark", depending on the external conditions are transformed into organic matter within 1 — 3 years. In their manufacture, a special harmless additive — the film surface is covered with a special solution, greatly accelerating the decomposition process. In appearance, durability and ease of Biobags no different from the usual analog plastic bags.
During the exhibition, among the producers of the region‘s competitions were held. By tradition, they take place every year. In the final of this competition included 18 companies. The winner in the nomination "Best Enterprise of the Yaroslavl region" was a long-time resident "Pereslavsky industrial park" — the company "PoliER" — Russia’s leading manufacturer of disposable plastic tableware and packaging. This company has been operating since 1994, demonstrating the rapid development and producing products of European quality.
Seen and heard at the event, was pleased with the governor: "Today I went on the show and happily stating: almost everyone who is here represented, has at the end of this year, the prospect for growth, and there is already good results", — said Sergey Vahrukov.
The regional government and special programs designed to help industry develop. First of all, they are designed to support innovation. Increased production and modernization help to solve another important problem — employment. Thanks to the development of the industry unemployment rate fell over the region for the year and a half times. Current approaches in the production give a competitive advantage to enterprises, and innovation can hang out as Yaroslavl region and Russia as a whole to a new level.

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