Performance supercomputer Lomonosov exceeded 500 teraflops

Research Computing Center of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU SRCC) and the Joint Supercomputer Center of RAS (JSCC) released today the 15th edition ranking the most powerful computing systems of the CIS "Top 50".


The undisputed leader of the complex remains "Lomonosov" Company "T-Platforms": after upgrading its capacity increased from 397.1 to 674.1 teraflops. In the world ranking Top500 as of June, he takes 13th place.

Second place still holds the supercomputer Hewlett-Packard Cluster Platform 3000 BL2x220, set in the Kurchatov Institute: performance on the test Linpack — 101,2 teraflops.

Closes the three system "SKIF-Aurora", mounted in the South Ural State University. Its performance is close to 100 teraflops.

For six months the lower barrier to entry in the list of top 50 increased from 3.75 to 5.67 teraflops. Of the fifty supercomputers using 47 processors Intel, two — and one AMD chips — IBM. Continues to increase the number of processor cores in the system: in the September edition of the list, it is not less than 576, and 37 systems are more than 1024 nuclear.

The number of computers that use inter-node communication network, only Gigabit Ethernet, increased from 9 to 12, the number of supercomputers that use rail InfiniBand, decreased from 36 to 34.

27 of those who were involved in the rating systems of science and education, seven supercomputers focus on specific applied research, even four sets used in the industry, and three — in the financial sector.

The full ranking of the top-50 can be found here.

Vladimir Paramonov, "Computerra-line", 20.09.2011
Prepared according to the project’s Top 50.

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