PERGAM company this year began to produce medical imagers

  • Thermal Medical Complex PergaMed
  • Thermal Medical Complex PergaMed


Innovations in the field of medicine give rise to new ways of using instruments that were previously in this area have not been applied, as happened with the thermal imager. High-tech infrared cameras operating on the principle of thermal imaging scanner, which have hitherto been used to study the landscape for infection by pathogenic microorganisms, as well as for use in construction and industry, for video surveillance systems, is currently being tested as a tool for diagnosing skin diseases. Very popular in recent years, the use of medical imagers for examination of both people and animals.

In March 2012, received a certificate of registration in the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare Medical Imager PergaMed, designed and manufactured by PERGAM.   

According to a new kind of diagnosis in the world medical practice has accumulated a wealth of clinical and statistical material. Thermal efficiency of diagnosis by screening is, according to some authors, from 67% (Reversz, 1980) in isolated up to 98% (Heim et al., 1981) at the combined method. 

The temperature of the reaction of the organism, because of its versatility, there are in all types of diseases: bacterial, viral, allergic, neuropsychiatric, and others, all temperature variations recorded medical imager. Temperature, both general and specific temperature of, used for recognition of the nature and severity of the disease. Patient Preparation for thermal imaging survey of almost not needed — only required to release from clothing appropriate areas of the skin for 5-7 minutes before the test. 


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