Periodontal disease will be treated with their own cells of the mucous membranes of the mouth.

RosZdravNadzor registered and granted permission for the use of new medical technology "Fence, transportation, isolation, culturing, cryopreservation, storage and clinical application of fibroblast mucous membranes of the mouth for the treatment of patients with a recession and a deficit of the mucous membrane of the teeth and dental implants", developed by the Central Scientific Research Institute of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery (TsNIISiChLH) and the Institute of Human Stem Cells. The technology is aimed at solving problems in dentistry, first of all — it’s treatment of periodontitis and periodontal disease, and is protected by patents of the Russian Federation.

When periodontal disease and periodontitis destroyed tissue surrounding the teeth, which leads to exposure of the roots of teeth. This process, called gingival recession, can be accompanied by hypersensitivity of the teeth to the temperature decay of the roots of the teeth and deliver cosmetic inconvenience. Go to a cosmetic defect, and often the need to replace the prosthesis and postoperative results in exposure of the implants. The current methods of eliminating dental gum recession — only surgical. It’s quite painful, traumatic and, unfortunately, not always effective.

New medical technology is an effective non-surgical method of restoring lost periodontal soft tissues and is based on the shortfall of the gums due to their own cells of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity of the patient — fibroblasts.

Of a small sample of the oral mucosa patient are isolated and cultured to the desired amount of functionally active fibroblasts, which are then administered by injection into the gum. Transplanted fibroblasts actively synthesizing collagen, growth factors and other important components of the gum contribute to increased thickness of the gingiva and improve blood supply. Conducted in CNIIS and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinical studies have demonstrated the safety, clinical effectiveness and availability of new medical technology to increase the thickness of the gums and eliminate its deficit.

According to Artur Isaev, director general of the Institute of Human Stem Cells (HSCI), the phased introduction of technology into practical public health (commercial SPRG-therapy — Servis personal regeneration of gum) is scheduled to begin before the end of 2011.

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