Perishing aviation museum at the airport of Riga (Latvia)

In one of the posts nedavneshnih indirectly, we discussed the topic of whether government finance projects do not carry a direct benefit. For example, a museum. Or public transport. Or education. If it is very short, the performances were different: one was that the laws of the market themselves, "will handle" on the funds should be allocated, and what not. My own theory is reduced to the fact that investing in social projects government that lays the foundation for the next generation of citizens. If all the same to neglect to do education Pay and unnecessary, and museums to close due to their trivial loss, then tomorrow we'll get a generation that does not need anything. And by the way, the fact that almost everywhere in the world did the initial formation of a free and indispensable, and museums are working through budget funds — confirm my theory. But in Latvia have decided that the beautiful museum State aviation is not necessary — for what? The market and the way it handled: who could have left to work in Western Europe, the economy is bent, no nothing, about the prospects of long ago no one thinks, for all prospects — to fall down to hell. A sad spectacle, and this beautiful and ill-fated museum — that striking example. What can I say? To finance the veterans monuments SS funds in the budget is, and for the salvation of the aviation museum without.

Museum is located 500 meters from the Riga airport, there can be like walking from the terminal. Do they have a website that is not updated for a very long time.

Museum was created more than 40 years, and in 1997, his funding was discontinued. Several enthusiasts retirement age are trying to rescue their own equipment. But you do realize that for a few pensions of ordinary people and rarest offerings include a technique unrealistic. She is killed by rain and snow. Moreover, they even formally means for entry can not take it, because their status is unclear. Friends, if will appear at the Riga airport and also visit museum — leave little detail, even if only on the can of paint will be enough — is a contribution.

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