Perm company Plast-M has launched work on the installation of recycling plastic bottles

Perm, 29.08.2011g.

Perm company "Plast-M" has launched work on the installation of recycling plastic bottles. Power equipment is 60-90 tonnes of plastic per month. These facilities will be enough to recycle plastic, at least two regions of Perm.

Plast-M works on the market two years and is engaged in manufacturing of plastic bottles of various volume, supplying its products in nearly all the cities of Russia (St. Petersburg, Ufa, Krasnodar, Essentuki, Chita, Nizhny Novgorod, etc.). The company employs 50 people. As the head of the region’s director, Mikhail Lukin, from idea to realization recycled plastic in her life was 1.5 years.

Secondary raw materials — used plastic bottles — the company buys the station sorting of municipal solid waste (MSW), which started in Perm in May of this year, as well as landfill Krasnokamsky area and other small businesses. Raw material obtained from crushing plastic bottles, partially directed to the domestic production of non-food packaging, is sold plants producing pellets from waste plastic.

Now for the production of plastic bottles, the company buys granules in other regions, but plans to buy a granulator. Thus, the company will complete cycle — production granulate fabrication of plastic products, recycling waste plastic from which the granulate can be performed again.

Recycling of plastic — a very important event. PET bottles, getting into the environment, very long decay, decomposition emit harmful substances and hazardous fire.

Million city generates a huge amount of debris, and it all goes to the landfill. A plastic decomposes decades. In this case, plastic product itself, it is worth something. It needs to be sorted, recycled and re-let to a secondary circulation. We will create a system of sorting garbage. We need to make sure that people have the opportunity to take this plastic. In principle, every person wants to do good and does not pollute the environment, — said the governor Oleg Chirkunov.

In Perm there is a new type of competition — competition for secondary resources. Business is ready to work in the collection and recycling of solid and invest in the development of this area. Waste sorting complexes work in Perm, Krasnokamsk. Also, they plan to build in other areas of the Perm region.

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