Perm fiber for pilots, doctors and builders

A joint project of the Perm State National Research University and Perm Scientific and Industrial Instrument Company is nearing completion.

In Perm, an industrial scale will be releasing a special fiber and integrated-optical circuits for navigational devices, medical equipment and devices of a new generation of quality control facilities. Fully developed more than 280 million rubles (federal budget has allocated 120 million rubles., The amount of co-financing of PNPPK totaled 163 million rubles.).

These funds are spent on the construction of the clean room (the so-called "clean rooms"), the acquisition and installation of modern equipment, some of which is unique and is created in a single copy. The enterprise has commissioned a unique production line 6 types of integrated optical circuits on lithium niobate crystals.

Similar schemes are used in navigation devices designed for aviation, shipbuilding, space industry and medicine. Thanks to the fiber optic devices, please contact-examine the internal organs of a person in a matter of seconds to check his vital signs and other indications

A total of 10 centers around the world for the production of integrated optical circuits on lithium niobate. Some of the world’s manufacturers of high technology in the near future and will Perm thanks to a joint project of PGNIU and PNPPK.

The demand for these products is high both in the domestic and foreign markets. According to the CEO of PNPPK Alexei Andreev, the company developed prototypes of fiber-optic gyroscopes — a new generation of navigation systems for aircraft, ground vehicles, ships military and civil purposes. Conducted monitoring and debugging work.

Another important result of the collaboration of PNPPK and PGNIU was the opening of the Institute of integrated optics and nanotechnology to conduct research and development activities. Young scientists of the physical and chemical PGNIU departments participating in the project, preparing their Master’s and PhD theses. The knowledge gained is successfully applied in the workplace.

Project leader, Professor of Solid State PGNIU Anatoly Volyntsev said that the team of scientists also works on new areas of research. Several participants in the project last year passed a three-month training at the physics department of the Institute of Advanced Materials and Renewable Energy (Louisville, USA). There is every reason to believe that the project with the University of Perm Perm instrument-making company will be the basis for many other research, technology and patents.

For the record:

The project "Creation of a production integrated optical circuits on lithium niobate for fiber optic gyroscopes and monitoring of the electric field and the bio-potentials" is performed in accordance with Government Resolution № 218 of April 9, 2010 This project is an original result of 15 years of cooperation between the University of Perm and OJSC "Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Company" (OAO PNPPK). The total funding amounted to 280 million 120 million — investments of the federal budget, the rest — the means of PNPPK.

Department of Public Relations PGNIU.

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