Permian designers showed new universal PS-90A3u

April 25 in Moscow held a presentation of the development of the next "Aircraft Engine," which the chief designer of the Permian KB Alexander Semenov presented aviarazrabotchikam and operators, a new modification.  

On our CdTe already available information to develop a new version of the engine: 

Soon airlines that operate domestic aircraft Tu-204/214 with engines PS-90A family will spend their aircraft remotorization new universal engine PS-90A3u. The PS-90A3u interchangeable engines PS-90A family established technology-based PS-90A2, the press-service of JSC "Tupolev".

Those present at the presentation of representatives of operators called the operation a number of advantages of PS-90A3u compared with PS-90A engines. In particular, it was about 2-fold increase in the resources of key parts of the hot, increasing reliability through the use of new materials, components and circuit design in ACS engine, reducing the complexity of service. In addition, the developer presented his scheme of conversion engines PS-90A PS-90A3u providing for repayment of excessive engine of a revolving fund and to reduce cost airlines flying hour.

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