Permians Podkosov SUCCESS understudy

[Img =] The situation was "Amkar" curious tradition that if the youth of the wins in the main the next day will surely have problems. This custom has been operating for almost flawlessly sixth season — as much as Permian appear in the Premier League. The teams have changed the players, coaches and objectives, and usually worked at an alarming rate. And when on Friday renewed amkarovskaya junior easily dealt with peers from the shores of the Don, it was feared: whether wards Dimitar Dimitrov in his debut match for the Bulgarians to please the fans a victory? And, as subsequent events showed, the fears were not unfounded. [Cut] Dimitrov surprised at once. Left midfielder Grishina sent on the same flank, but in defense, and his place was taken by the former nominal striker Jiliaev. In the starting lineup came Jean Carlos, and another Brazilian, William, whose appearance on the field was expected from the first minute, remained in reserve. That is a familiar 4-4-2 alignment was preserved, but the artists have changed. Before the break of these changes, "Amkar" just did not win. Remained in memory only unusual drawing a penalty kick, when Drinchich instead of the usual blow otpasoval Novakovic, who sent the ball Zhilyaeva, but the last 3 meters could not beat Gerus. By the way, with a minimum of chances to score exactly goalkeepers have become the protagonists of the first half. Narubin, in turn, somehow miraculously was able to react in a very nice kick Akhmetovich. There was another shot Slivich and angular served Petrovich — the ball hit the crossbar, but his shot was amkarovtsev control of the situation. As soon as the second half began as the hosts were in the minority: Shiraki, deservedly received a second yellow card went to the locker room. But it seems to have cheered Perm, who began to play more interesting. Almost scored the most active, Drinchich time everywhere. He was close to success Kalashnikov. After 51 minutes, "Amkar" even hit the target, but the goal was canceled because of a violation against the most, perhaps, of the active Rostovites — Akhmetovich. Soon Hong Yong-Jo, who played very rough from the start, too, received a second yellow card, and preparations were made even. And in the 79th minute there was the most controversial episode of the meeting. Drinchich once again struck free kick, Gerus not mishandled it, and in the splits KUSHEV pushed it into the goal. Karasev is foul, and despite the apparent disagreement amkarovtsev, especially Kusheva, solutions have not changed. The last minutes were in incessant, but not very organized attacks red and black, but the fourth team win the 2008 championship and has not achieved. Tradition has worked. [B] Ruslan Mullagaliev from Perm [/ b] [b] Oleg Dolmatov, head coach of "growth": [/ b] — Removal of rivals played a dirty trick on us. Guys calm down, felt that the job is done, and almost suffered. The home team wanted to score at all costs, taking risks, but we still survived. I am very pleased that the meeting with such a strong opponent, we earned a point. [B] Dimitar Dimitrov, the head coach, "Amkar": [/ b] — I knew that the first match of the season will be very heavy. All of our players have a lot of emotions, desires, but the quality of the whole game did not work. After the red card shown Sirakov guys showed character, were close to success, but did not have luck. [B] — You promised not to criticize judges. After the match, keep the promise? [/ B] — I will not say anything. I made a promise. Although I was too hard due to the cancellation of two goals. [B] — Probably still want to say something? [/ B] — (After a long pause). No, you still will not say anything.

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