Permission to build a new fire station building Boguchan plant

The parking stall for emergency vehicles


Staff at the fire station number 21 Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations started to serve in the new building of the fire station Boguchan power plant, construction of which began in October 2010. The objectives of the new part is to ensure fire safety station under construction and nearby communities Kezhemskogo district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

All fire complex BoHPP area of 1.2 hectares is located less than 1 km from the dam Boguchan HPP. In its structure — 17 items, including a garage, warehouse equipment and reagents, training complex, own electrical substation. To date, erected the main building of the complex is made installation of electrical and communications, construction of accessory buildings and landscaping.The old part of the Departmental Fire Boguchan HPP eliminated in the reorganization of the fire department Jan. 1, 2011. All the features of fire safety station under construction and ancillary industries were transferred to the new unit — the fire station number 21, the Central Department for Emergency Situations of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Prior to the commissioning of a modern fire station number 21, the drive was located in an old building, built 30 years ago.

Currently, as part of the drive number 21 has six fire engines and one rescue. Staff of the unit for 2011 was increased from 29 to 54 people, now in the state of the IF number 21 comprised 65 people, and in the near future the number of fighters to be increased to 77, thus allowing a double shift — and the duty resting.


Briefing before departure to the training mission


In 2011, the plant Boguchan conducted large-scale exercises, which involved not only the fighters fire departments FPS Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Krasnoyarsk Territory (4 guard, 57 people), but also employees of JSC "Boguchan power plant", construction and installation organizations (about 280), as well as emergency-response teams (35 people).

A set of activities, which includes the construction of a new building, the purchase of modern equipment, the formation of the fire station and regular training of personnel IF number 21 with plant personnel can significantly improve the fire safety of buildings and Boguchan HPP.

Currently Boguchansky hydroelectric works in the navigation mode, the passage of water. Yenisei Basin Water Authority for Boguchan plant for the period from 1 to 30 June 2012 are set daily average waste amounts in the range of 2900 — 3100 m3/ Sec. This volume maintains navigable levels downstream from the range of power plant that is necessary for the smooth delivery of goods by river in remote northern Krasnoyarsk Territory. After the end of the 2012 navigation discharge into the downstream Boguchan plant to be reduced to the levels permitted by regulations (not less than 1100 m3 / s) with a view to further accumulation of stocks of water in the reservoir.

The rise of the Boguchansky reservoir began in early May after covering the bottom of the last time the hole in the dam and the transfer station on the Angara River watercourse stationary culverts — spillway number 1. Filling the reservoir will be held in two stages. In the first stage will be reached intermediate marker 185 m terms of filling depends on many hydrological and meteorological conditions — the level of inflow to the alignment of the power plant, the volume of lateral inflow, rainfall, air temperature. In the course content will be subject to all the requirements for the transit costs in the interests of water users located in the downstream of the station. The transition to the second stage — filling up to the design level of 208 meters — is possible only on the results of the first stage.

The parking stall for emergency vehicles


Workplace Manager

Repair area

Fire station, the facade

The parking stall for emergency vehicles

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