Perspective-engineering has erected a stone building

Ltd. "Perspective-engineering" — a resident of the site "Neudorf" SEZ "St. Petersburg" — has completed construction of the frame of the future building science and technology center. In accordance with the construction plan for January 1, 2012 erected a monolithic frame building.

"Perspective-engineering", which became a pioneer among the residents of the SEZ in construction (Company started building the scientific and technical center in November 2010), And today retains its leading position in terms of the project realization. In accordance with the construction plan at the end of 2011 erected a solid frame of the building, completed the laying of external networks (water supply, sewerage and heating main.)

The following stages involve roofing, facade works, landscaping of the adjacent territory, work on laying of internal utilities, interior finishing work. All work will be completed in autumn 2012.

After the construction of the Scientific and Technical Center "Perspective-engineering" will be created-the-art infrastructure for the development and production of complex monitoring and control systems.

It will include a base of research and development of innovative products, test base for the improvement and development of these products, as well as production facilities for the development and production of software and hardware systems for power generation facilities.

In 2011, in the ADC "Angle-engineering" has launched the production of scientific and technical products — special measuring tools that are used in your own projects of automation. The volume of products produced by the company over the past year amounted to 46 million rubles.

According to the head of the branch of JSC "SEZ" in St. Petersburg Oleg Melnikov, "Perspective-engineering" — an example of successful development of the project in the SEZ for investors. "Four years ago there was an open field. Today, we see how the SEZ are created and developed high-tech industries, "- says Oleg Melnikov.

By the construction work on their plots at the site "Neudorf" also started JSC "Biocad", "SPE Laser Systems" and ZAO "Business Computer Center of St. Petersburg. Residents JSC" Vertex ", LLC" Novartis Neva "," NPF Berkut "conduct preparatory work on their plots at the site" Novoorlovskaya. "

According to the management of the branch of the SEZ, 2012 in SEZ "St. Petersburg" promises to be a time of "great construction projects."

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