Perspective: Introducing opponent. Rostov

Father, grandfather and great-grandfather of two present-day football club "Rostov" worn by other names. From 1930 to 1953 it was a "tractor", then 5 years existed in this world, "Torpedo", which came to replace "Rostselmash". 45 team played under that name. First in class B, then the second and the first Soviet league. Chance to reach the big light kombaynostroiteli got through restructuring and the collapse of the Soviet Union. And this opportunity, being in the top Russian league is not on the principle of sport, they used to be 100 per cent. And most importantly — out of the shadows of their countrymen superimenityh — Rostov army and became a football team number 1. [Cut] In Russia’s highest, and then the Premier League, "Rostselmash" and its successor "Rostov" (year of birth — 2003rd) spent 15 seasons. Better half of their coaching staff, led by the famous footballer in the past, the Soviet national team striker Sergei Andreev. Under his leadership, selmashevtsy achieved the highest sixth place in the standings in 1998. This result allowed to speak Rostovites in the Intertoto Cup. Defeating the first Macedonian "Tsementirnitsu", then "Varteks" from Croatia, and only in the third round to give superclub — Turin "Juventus". Four distinct seasons spent in the years in the "Rostselmash" captain "Vityaz" Vladislav Duyun. It was he who scored the only goal of Rostov Edwin van der Sarah, then defended the gates Italian team. Last success of our current rivals is dated 2003. It was then, under the leadership of Sergei Balakhnin they made their way to the final of the Cup of Russia, and by playing on an equal footing, lost in the final match of the capital’s "Spartacus" with a score of 0:1. Seasons of 2004-2006 severely spoiled nerves Don fans. Their favorite team every time with incredible difficulty to crawl out of the basement standings and miraculously remained in the elite. For not wanting to draw conclusions football god punished Rostovites nightmarish past season. The team finished the championship in last place, gaining only 18 points. Negligible, considering that other loser — "Kuban" was to its credit as much as 32 credits. Rostov for the second time in its history, went to the first division. And all hope to return to the elite associated with the new head coach — Oleg Dolmatov. New tail left the team with only six players from last year’s staff. Here are their names: Sergey Bendz, Roman Gerus, Pavel Mogilevsky, Michael aspen, Anton Rogochiy and Sergey Omelyanchuk. Last on the list is also not approached Dolmatovo and recently signed a contract with Grozny "Terek". In the offseason, the shape of our current competitors have put Alexander Kulchiy ("Terek"), Konstantin Zuev ("Kuban") Sergey Shtaniuk and Maxim Astafjevs (Luch-Energia "), Vladimir Dyadyun and Andrey Kireev (" Ruby "). They are the ones whose names are often heard among the fans. More recently signed a contract with Alexander Circassian Donetsk residents of Yaroslavl "Saturn". Two more ex-football player, "Rubin" will play at the stadium "Olymp-2." This Gatskan and Gitselov. But even without them Rostov confidently take 1st place after half distance traveled. These assets 14 wins, 8 draws, 38 goals scored and only 12 conceded. And 50 points. Many experts have rushed to declare the "Rostov" early winner of the first division. But head coach Oleg Dolmatov does not think so — we have competitors and not one. This — the first. The second factor — the tournament itself. He was in the first division complex and lengthy. One bad check, and everyone — you have caught up, about ochkovuju odds can only remember … — said in a recent interview with the newspaper "Sport-Express" experienced professionals. In the match of the first round, held on April 9 at the Rostov stadium "Olympus-2" Rostov won 3-1. First aspen with a penalty scored the first goal, then Kozhanov doubled result. And after the break, and distinguished Dyadyun Tarasyuk. That’s what the compositions had their match, "Rostov" (Rostov-on-Don) Gerus, Shaban Zivanovic (Bendz, 71), Shtaniuk, Omeljanchuk, aspen, Kireev (Kozlov, 46), Kulchiy, Dyadyun, leather ( Rafael, 76), Burmistrov (Astafev, 58). "Hero" (Podolsk) Chernitsyn, Tarasyuk Zaitsev, Screws, Front, Izmailov (Smith, 46), Duyun, snoring (Sharin, 59), Grigoryan (A.Imrekov, 83), Millers (Pershin, 59), Anokhin .

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