Petersburg akvabusy increased transportation of passengers by 2 times

Major construction project throughout the life of Peter I thought as a seaport with a large network of waterways. Vasilevsky Island was planned from the channels in the image and likeness of Venice. This made the water taxi natural extension of ideas of Peter the Great.

In June of this year, the St. Petersburg water taxi services used 17,154 people. For comparison, in June 2012, the akvabusy transported 8,950. Also, last year there were a few lines, but this is only one, and now the calculation does not take into account children, senior citizens and passengers using privileges when traveling.
Opting for water transport, in addition to beauty species and the lack of traffic congestion, may be due to the recent resolution of the Committee on Transport tariff reduction. On July 25 this year journey in akvabusah for non-concessional categories of citizens "plantain" is 75 rubles. Now the route from the waterfront to the Arsenal Old Village runs 6 swimming facilities.

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