Petersburg companies joined together in the space industry cluster

Several companies in St. Petersburg and universities have signed an agreement to create a cluster of manufacturers of space technology, applications and services. The signing took place at the St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum.

In the cluster include OAO "Machine-Building Plant" Arsenal ", JSC" Holding Company "Leninist", FSUE "SSC RF" RTC ", JSC" Institute of Television ", JSC" LACA "Federal State Unitary Enterprise" KB "Arsenal", ZAO "Arsenal 207 "," Corporation "RosPolyTech Software," GC "Bee Pitron" Baltic State Technical University "Voenmech", State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.

Novoorlovskaya.  Overall development plan
Novoorlovskaya. Overall development plan

As explained to journalists the chairman of the Board of noncommercial partnership "North European Space Consortium" (NP Secchi), the main objective of the cluster — the commercialization of innovative technologies developed by space industry. For this purpose the parties to the agreement intend to create a technology park on the territory of the Special Economic Zone of St. Petersburg on the platform "Novoorlovskaya . "For every prospective project will create a separate small business, which will be located in the industrial park. To attract funding projects NP Secco has signed an agreement with the St. Petersburg organization of business angels.

RBC, 28.09.2011, Moscow 15:33:17

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