Petersburg nuclear power plant project in Vietnam

St. Petersburg "AEP" (SPb AEP) as part of the joint exposition of the State Corporation "Rosatom" present at the V International Exhibition on Nuclear Energy in Hanoi (Vietnam) project, "AES-91" in which nuclear power plants will be built, "Ninh Thuan 1", told RIA News Head of Public Relations of "SPbAEP" Catherine Putronen.

  • Tianwan NPP in China, designed by the "AES-91"
  • Tianwan NPP in China, designed by the "AES-91"

"Project" AES-91 "was developed by the St. Petersburg" Atomenergoproekt "and in 2007 implemented at the Tianwan nuclear power plant in China. It contains the maximum number of proven technologies and equipment that complies with international standards on nuclear and radiation safety," — said Putronen.

The exhibition will open on October 25 and exit 27 October. Its visitors can see the layout of the station and familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the project.

The reactor building is nestled double skin: the internal airtight layer eliminates the penetration of radiation into the environment. Under the reactor vessel installed "trap" for retaining and cooling of molten reactor core — in the event of a severe accident.

"The Trap" melt has unique technical solutions that are unrivaled in the world of NPP. China was the first country with such a device, "- said in SPbAEP.
The station will operate four levels (channel) security systems, recalled in AEP. Also in this project, a combination of active and passive safety devices, operates a digital control system.

"Modern technological solutions used in the project can also enhance the economic performance of the unit and reduce investment in construction. Nominal thermal power of the reactor is 3000 MW nominal power capacity — 1060 MW," — added Putronen.

NPP "Ninh Thuan 1" will consist of two power units with VVER reactors with capacity to 1.2 GW each, similar to those in force at the plant, built by the Russian projects in Hungary, China, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other countries. The first unit is scheduled to enter in 2020, construction will begin in 2014. The official ceremony for the survey work was held in early December 2011.

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