Petersburg Tractor Plant is a tractor Kirovec K-9430

The demonstration of the tractor "Kirovec" K-9430 production of "St. Petersburg Tractor Plant was based agricultural company" Guerrilla "in the village of Razdolnoe Amur region.

During the presentation of the tractor "Kirovec" K-9430, a representative of the company "Petersburg Tractor Plant" Alexander Khromov told about the benefits of this technology: energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, convenience. Machine capacity 432 horsepower with a new hydraulic mounting system equipped with an engine manufacturing company "Mercedes". These tractors currently produced only about 10 pieces. One of them has been tested in the Amur and was highly appreciated by specialists agricultural firm "Partizan".

Serial production of tractors "Kirovec" Series K-9000 will start this fall and the end of 2012, the company is going to release about 40 cars. And next year, the assembly line Petersburg Tractor Plant should get about 300 units of new technology.

New Series tractors K-9000 is not inferior in performance to the best foreign analogues and this is 30% cheaper foreign products. New "Kirovec" is able to work with any wide-and combination guns in Russia and abroad, and can perform all the basic agricultural work — from plowing and cultivating to harrowing and sowing.

"This technique can be used with large hook-complexes, which is necessary for our farmers. Today we have seen that it works successfully. I think it’s very promising, multi-function machines. Now our task is to collect applications in the areas of the economy — how much of this technique is necessary in 2013 to place this order at the factory and connected to this program, "Rosagroleasing." Then there will be the opportunity to purchase equipment with cheaper and ensure that the localization for its assembly at our plants is not less than 30% ", — said the Governor of the Amur Region Oleg Kozhemyako.  

JSC "Petersburg Tractor Plant" is a subsidiary company of JSC "Kirov Plant.
Production of the plant — a modern, high power, cost-wheel tractors Kirovec secured by guarantee and service through a wide network of branches and dealers.


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