Petrozavodsk: Photos and most superficial impressions

In fact Petrozavodsk quay — one of the most beautiful promenades in Europe. Let it be known to all, this is truly a lovely, quiet, peaceful place. 

Getting in Petrozavodsk in the summer, literally dissolve in the restrained beauty of its northern white nights. They pale crimson, pale lilac, a little gold, the contours lose their sharpness, slightly blurred. Bizarrely silhouettes stand out, fade detail and most importantly — all this quietly departs daily superseded incredible freedom that fills to the brim! My God, what a beautiful Onega.

Though filled with some amazing weightless magic, perhaps, White Night. Eyes insatiably drink perfect colors and delicate shades of sunset and waves. There is the realization that the lake is near — quite lively. It is so soft, the wrinkles, the zhuritsya, shimmers inflated. He has an incredible color — peach silver. It almost feels tangible moist breath of wind and falling asleep already. Semi-circle of the sun is shining out of molten gold, then from Alost.

In Petrozavodsk, very few people there in the winter, but, believe me, it’s something special. Gaming waves Onega, frozen as if in marble at most banks. Not for a second does not forget that it is a true north, with cold, strong winds and blinding snow. Here is not just to survive, but the northerners always strong spirit and stubbornly held his head high above any adversity and nature. It was always so remains to this day.

Their reward in the beauty of these places, opening gradually, and only for the most persistent and enduring.

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