Petrozavodskmash launched into operation a complex automated welding

At Petrozavodskmash (part of Rosatom Engineering Division — AtomEnergoMash) put into operation a new system for automatic submerged arc welding. On the new equipment produced surfacing on the side steam generator unit.

Welding system was purchased as part of the investment program, which is held at the JSC "Petrozavodskmash" under the direction of the Management Company JSC "AEM technology" in order to increase production and development of production equipment for the nuclear industry in Russia.
Welding system consists of two parts — the portal and the welding of the column. It allows the outer and inner circumferential welds on the products cylindrical wall thickness which reaches 350 millimeters diameter — 6 meter length assembly — 12 meters.
Especially for Petrozavodskmash manufactured by welding column produced in special design: the arrow at full reach has increased bearing capacity, there is the possibility of its motorized 180-degree turn, and special mechanical device compensates for the vibration of the boom. The portal has two jobs — to the welder and improvised. Portal itself during operation can be moved along the axis of the work piece on a specially mounted rails. The automatic control system and a tactile system of tracking weld minimize the influence of the human factor.

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