Petrozavodskmash shipped the stripping column for the diesel fraction of TANECO

"Petrozavodskmash" shipped to the customer stripper column diesel fraction — one in five of columns, for which the company produces under construction in Nizhnekamsk complex of refineries and petrochemical plants of "TANECO". The relatively small size of the column — length of about 25 m, a diameter of 4 m, weight 35.5 tons — allowed to carry out the shipment by rail.


Petrozavodskmash won a tender to supply equipment in Tatarstan in 2010. Before that, in 2008 and 2009, the plant successfully shipped three large columns and two separators for the first phase of the complex TANECO — plant for the primary processing of oil. This plant in Nizhnekamsk was put into operation in autumn 2010.

Debutanizer next contract position, already made and will be shipped by rail in the coming days. Also by rail will take another column, which manufacturing is nearing completion. Two of the overall system, each weighing up to 100 tons, will be shipped in navigation by water, with its own pier Petrozavodskmash.

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